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supersaiyananf 09 Sep, 2017
Hello everyone,

As of recently, instead of it saying "airing" or "finished", a status field with the options "to be released", "releasing" and "released" has been added.

The problem is that, contrary to the previous one, it appears that the field doesn't update automatically.

An example is this drama, Zenryoku Shissou, which started last week, but still says "to be released". (meaning it can't be added as "watching")

I was wondering why this was changed, because it seems quite inconvenient having to change the status manually every time a drama starts airing and finishes. The previous format format used to update automatically based on the air date.
hideki 12 Sep, 2017
@supersaiyananf hi!

The status field has been added to be more accurate about the current status of titles. For examples, previously, titles have been entered into the database with just a year and hadn't received an update. When the year was over, the title went to 'airing' (or 'done') and was listable, although there was no evidence it was ever released.

The new system is more accurate.

Currently, it is in the testing phase. We will soon add automated scripts to change the status to releasing / released (in case of films) once the start date of release has passed, only if the entire start date was entered.

For end date (for serialised titles), there will always have to be manual editing to confirm that a title has finished and that users can list it as 'completed'.

For now, you can edit the status manually when the title starts.
hideki 17 Sep, 2017
@supersaiyananf hi again! We've now changed the behaviour of the status to be more friendly. For stuff which has its start date entered completely (year, month and day), the status will automatically change to 'releasing' when the start date comes. For the end date, a custom confirmation and change of status will always be necessary to ensure there was no change in number of episodes in the last moment, or other such irregularities.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a pm.

Issue resolved. Topic closed.