am I the onlu one having problem with using the site?

ladyleen92 30 Mar, 2018
the site is weird for weeks now! I don't know If I'm the only one who's facing this problem? I can't edit my drama list and no pics appears! also I can't use the search engine to search for drama! a lot of problems I don't know how to explain it! and it's the same when I use it form a PC, laptop or my iphone! if there's some kind of improvement to the site then I can bear with it but if it's a real problem I want to know what's going on? maybe the browser?
kirtil 30 Mar, 2018
easiest way to test if the browser is the problem is to clear your browsing data (history, cache, cookies etc) and try logging in mydramalist again. if it is the browser this should do it. I am using chrome / firefox and both seems fine.
hideki 30 Mar, 2018
@ladyleen92 as far as we know, there is no problem with the website. We recommend using the browser Firefox on a free operating system, such as Linux.

It is possible the profile in your browser is corrupt. In that case, the easiest way to test is to access the website in private mode. If everything works correctly, then your profile is corrupt and you can start cleaning up by removing cookies and otherwise browsing history, including cache. The different browsers all provide means to clean up cache.
ladyleen92 08 Apr, 2018
I tried to clear browsing data (history, cache, cookies etc) and nothing happened! it's the same!
also I tried using firefox and it looks the same too ><
hideki 15 Apr, 2018
@ladyleen92 did you try using another computer, or using another networks? The images are loaded from a different resource.
ladyleen92 15 Apr, 2018
YES! I opened the site from a PC, laptop and my iPhone but it's all the same ><
ladyleen92 19 Apr, 2018
now my progress doesn't show in twitter too!!
even with all the bugs when I edited my list it showed in twitter but not anymore!
I don't know what to do in this situation? I can't do anything in the website!
I really like this site so I wish someone can solve this problem!
I still don't know why I'm the only one who's facing this problem?
ladyleen92 19 Apr, 2018
this is what happens when I put a comment in the forum or edit something in my list