am I the onlu one having problem with using the site?

kirtil 20 Apr, 2018
@ladyleen92 only time I have a visual like you had (first picture 2 weeks ago) is when I have a very weak connection and everything time outs when loading a site. usually a reset fixes that. The rest, as I mentioned was all about my browsing data in my case.

I don't remember if I had or how I fixed a problem like you shown just now.

Good luck.

P.S. have you tried asking google?
ladyleen92 20 Apr, 2018
I checked with my friends and it seems that the site is not working good in my country!
all the girls from UAE but in diff cities faced the same problem
ladyleen92 20 Apr, 2018
my connection is very fast but still I don't know where is the problem
kirtil 20 Apr, 2018
@ladyleen92 you can try to use tracert if you know how. if everyone from UAE is having the same problem then it may be possible to pinpoint the origin with this. please note this is the way I(we) used to check like 10 years ago.. maybe someone more up to date with IT can weigh in.
hideki 21 Apr, 2018
@ladyleen92 specifically the images are served over a secure connection. Eventually, the entire site will move to a secure connection, and it is possible that your ISP / country blocks encrypted connections. You might want to write them about it, but there's no a lot we can do on our side.