On To New Pastures closed

Random chan 15 Sep, 2019
Dear users,

It’s been over 10 years since we’ve opened this website. We still remember how surprised and excited we were when we saw more and more users join us and make lists of their own. Initially, we didn’t expect so many of you to be interested in our idea, and it was really an honour to have been able to provide this service for you all of those years. However, all good things must come to an end eventually. We have decided that we’re going to close down MDL for good on 30 November 2019.

We were really humbled by how many people have replied to our call for new editors a few weeks ago, so we want to thank everyone who was working hard on their training so far. We also want to thank all of our editors, past and present, who worked very hard throughout the years to make the website what it is today. None of us would have any lists if it wasn’t for them.

10 years can really change a lot of things in one person’s life and both hideki and I noticed with our current recruiting that we really don’t have the time to teach new editors to keep the flow of editors going anymore. We were trying really hard to find even a few moments each day to do so, but our current goals require our full attention, and we’ve realised that we were sacrificing time we don’t have or time during which we should be resting and recovering.

Both of us love the website very much and it was one of the hardest decisions we had to make, but despite how emotional it is for us to do something like that, we have decided that the alternative of letting the website die by itself or exhausting our resources beyond what is humanly possible are both way worse.

So we want to apologise for taking away a website that we know a lot of you really like. But we also want to thank you for sticking with us all the time that you did. If you’ve contributed to the database, we also want to thank you. We’ve had so many great memories running this website and getting to know our users, sometimes even personally :). Let us all remember the little bit of green in our hearts forever. hideki and I certainly would.

With this note, I want to say farewell one last time and wish you all the best. We’ve decided to give you some time before we close the website so you can take your list somewhere else. You can either do it manually, or if you want to export the list, here is a fun hack for you to use:

This guide uses LibreOffice calc. You can get it here. LibreOffice is available for many platforms and if you use Linux, you can most likely use your package manager to install it. We haven’t tested this guide with other programs (like Microsoft Excel), but they probably work similarly.

1. Open any of your lists


2. Mark the lines you want to export from the first to the last (you would typically mark your entire list)


3. Hit Ctrl + C or use the Copy into clipboard function of your operating system.

4. Open Libreoffice calc


5. Hit Ctrl + Alt + V.

6. You will be presented with a dialog called ‘Paste Special’. Select the option ‘Unformatted text’. Click ‘Ok’.


7. You will be presented with a dialog called ‘Text Import’. Click ‘Ok’.


8. Your copied lines will be inserted into the sheet. You can extend the columns to fit the content.


We’re going to close this topic for discussion, because it’s something that we have already decided upon, but if you wish to ask or write us anything, feel free to send us a private message :).