Dramas that would have been better, had they left the romance out.

karlykissme 02 Feb, 2012
i agree with city hunter
exandria 06 Sep, 2012
i only can think of ....Warrior baek dong soo
justironic 16 Sep, 2012
Kurosagi. Because the only thing those girls added to my watching experience was a huge urge of punch-something-as-hard-as-possible.
susan 26 Oct, 2012
Oh my gosh. I <3 this thread!

Iki mo Dekinai Natsu could've done without a LOT of stuff, but the suggestion of a "forbidden romance" was the one thing that was completely off the mark. Even though it was emphasized in previews before it began to air, the first episode really didn't set the supposed-romance up AT ALL. It didn't help matters when it began to seem that Eguchi Yosuke himself was resistant to the idea. His body language was very telling. He was distant and acted more like a father figure rather than a potential lover. So when they tried to amp up the romance in the last few episodes it seemed so awkward and one-sided. The entire romance plot line caused Rei to further devolve into quite a pathetic young woman. That could've been such a great drama, but the scenario writer really botched it by screwing around with so many different kinds of melodrama.

@akiraka No no, you're absolutely right. Tsuki no Koibito was pretty unwatchable and that was largely due to the artificial romance and the lack of chemistry between the romantic leads. Sooooo many romance dramas would've worked better without a romance, or even with just a normal romance; not one with a ton of melodrama.

Oh yeah! Like, if only Greatest Love hadn't had at least ONE of its romances. The OTP were one of the worst, artificially-created couples I have ever had the displeasure of seeing in a drama series. They didn't belong together. Their love came out of nowhere and nothing. It was terrible! I hate rooting for the other guy, knowing full well he doesn't stand a chance.