Dramas that would have been better, had they left the romance out.

flcl 05 Sep, 2010
There are many good dramas out there, but many of those have unnecessary romance that effects the rating negatively.

This is where I'd like to collect those kind of dramas as some kind of warning for people.

Let's we begin.
flcl 05 Sep, 2010
First drama that comes to my mind is the Korean drama IRIS.
aennlin 06 Sep, 2010
Beethoven Virus - It was bad enough that Du Ru Mi was annoying, but a love triangle? Big, big no. I would have preferred them to focus solely on music and the relationship between master and pupil.
King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu - Maybe not all the romance but the big love triangle. The girl and her relationship with the two bores me.
Dragon Zakura - Could have done without the petty romance and jealousy.
Gachi Baka - Another love triangle...

If I could, I would take the stupid love triangles out of most romance dramas I have watched.
flcl 07 Sep, 2010
Dragon Zakura romance I had forgot but yeah, that definitely could have been better without it.

I've been thinking of watching Beethoven Virus but I heard it might have some love triangle and apparently it does... Maybe another time..

Also, Great Teacher Onizuka if I recall, had some romance in it and I recall I found that very annoying.
hideki 07 Sep, 2010
Oh, the romance in GTO was really subordinate. It was kind of nice. XD
akiraka 20 Oct, 2010
Tsuki No Koibito

I know that's like saying "take the romance out of a romance", but I think it fits here.
kinu 05 Mar, 2011
H.I.T. would have been definately much better without the romance.

And I would have preferred the Great Queen Seon Deok without the extra episodes added after the originally planned 50, which were added to make the Deokman&Bidam romantic thread develop... it had bad effect on the whole series and on the image of the two characters as well. :/
nihoneikitai 10 Nov, 2011
City Hunter