gakkou no kaidan: noroi no kotodama

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marigabiribeiro 14 Nov, 2017
A little confusing, but it's not a bad movie. You just need some explanations.

I understood that the school was abandoned a long time ago and all the students attending in that class were dead. The only student who survived was Mei.
During the "game", the spirit used Mei to kill the students and the gas story was created by her (but I don't know the reason the spirit chose Mei to kill the others...)

People who entered by the window are also dead, except the girl. At the end, the movie shows the boys playing like others, so I think that they were killed the same way (I don't know how they got out of school and come back after time). But, like the other students, the three guys don't know they have died. The girl that entered with them is able to see ghosts and doesn't know that they are dead. And, thinking that they are alive, she becomes their friend.

After she broke the mirror and faced the spirit, she could able to leaves the school.

Shiori studied at that school, like her mother did. As the incident occurred in only one classroom, this was closed, however the school activities continued. Some time later, it was completely disabled.

I don't think the nurse was dead. She did not even exist. It was only an illusion that the spirit created to play with the dead students. Did not they play with the spirit? So now is a time for the spirit to have fun, scaring them.
And when these students entered the locked room and saw their own bodies on the floor (they were not the real bodies, it was again an illusion that the spirit created), they realized that were really dead and they were able to remember everything.

I don't know what happens next. Whether the students' souls continue at school or their souls rest in peace. I don't know also if the evil spirit will continue there...

It's like a puzzle. Just like the mirror that has been broken in to many pieces, we have to join the movie's pieces to able to understand it. Don't be lazy to think and get our own conclusions, even if we're not 100% sure.

In fact, there aren't enough explanations, but it isn't a bad movie. It isn't the best japanese terror, but it isn't the worst at all.