Music, music and music again. What are you currently listening to?

sansain 01 Aug, 2016
Here's ABC of the Japanese all girl bands: Aldious, Band-Maid, Cyntia \,,/ \,,/

Aldious - Scrash
Band-Maid - alone
Cyntia - Akatsuki no Hana
z0kb 02 Aug, 2016
I recently ventured out of what I normally listen to (K-pop and Korean hip-hop) and decided to listen to some other Korean genres. I'm currently listening to:
"Talk, Dance, Party for Love" - The Solutions:
"부디 (Please)" - Lucia:
dutchviola 20 Aug, 2017
dutchviola 07 Oct, 2017
greeeeenlight 04 Dec, 2017
Super Junior - Good Day for A Good Day