Music, music and music again. What are you currently listening to?

nanuklein 18 Sep, 2010
So, what song is currently playing on your music player? :D

I'll start off, I'm currently listening to Stereophonics -Dakota
dutchviola 18 Sep, 2010
I'm listening to:

I'm doing some house cleaning at the's boring! This song makes me jump while wiping dust ^_^!
nanuklein 19 Sep, 2010
Melody Gardot - Les Etoiles

Preparing my smoking device, mwhaha. :O
chentse 19 Sep, 2010
Right now I'm listening to Namie Amuro - WOWA
daredaniel 20 Sep, 2010
My Bloody Valentine - to here knows when
chentse 20 Sep, 2010
xharumoni 20 Sep, 2010
Swimming - Florence + The Machine
nightrainboww 20 Sep, 2010
V6 - スピリット

Somehow a bit Arashi-like o_O