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Four brothers confront challenges and hardships in love, family and work as they prepare themselves for a new decade of their lives.

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mradke 28 Sep, 2014
It keeps getting better and better. I don't know what I'm going to do when it finishes. T_T
Anyway, I'm really lovin' and I hope that nothing can break the happiness of everyone. e_e
kurumi 12 Oct, 2014
I liked it very much!
The fact that it had 4 different stories made it more enjoyable for me to watch. All male characters were great, esp Kang Jin Gu. Though it doesn't apply to females, they were annoying.
Plot is interesting, and imo this drama has everything a good drama needs.
so 5/5 for me, it's a shame it got shortened, but they made a great job with the end, it wasn't rushed or anything. Honestly the end is what made me give this drama 5 instead of 4^^
stellybish 15 Oct, 2014
The drama was amazing!!! It gave me so many warm feelings ;w;
It was perfect, from the start until the end.
Jin Goo & Se Young were my favourite couple! They were adorable ;w;
Gwang Soo... it's good that Book Ja accepted his decision in the end :)
I'm actually glad that Min Goo & Soo Ah didn't end up together because their whole relationship was built on lies and they were still immature.
Also, it's a good thing that they kind of abandonded Dong Goo's story, well he was not a main character for me. But those last minutes with the video where he saw his father were heartbreaking TT__TT

ps; I'm 19 now and haha... gotta admit there's something weird about this year xD
yokochan 17 Oct, 2014
dong gu <3 the best ! *Q*
meakoo 15 Nov, 2014
I had so much fun watching this drama. You can feel the love with the four stories! Beautiful ending, great ost. Just my cup of tea. I don't know, but Min Gu reminds me of Seo In Guk (same eyes, same beautiful smile).
alexadm81 27 Nov, 2014
Great drama, I thought it might be rushed since it was shortened but it was perfect. The plot was so unique. 5/5.
jangminhae 28 Mar, 2015
Not looking good from the first episode. I'm not in the mood.
jihye 18 May, 2015
So good and so cute, Jin Gu and Se Yeong was the best couple, I loved them