cheonsawa coffeereul masyeobon jeok itnayo?

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Seon U chased after her senior U Bin for a very long time without any results. One night, in her sleep she accidentally makes a wish and an angel appears. He promises to help Seon U win a heart of the one she likes.

Aired on 11 July 2014 as part of the omnibus collection 'secret love', it's the fifth segment.

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ocamilao 29 Jul, 2014
PArk Gyuri <3!
nami24 12 Feb, 2015
ji chang wook <3
jangminhae 13 Feb, 2015
ji chang wook <3 [2]
but why was it so ... lame ???
it didn't really make sense.. maybe because it was toooooo short and the female leader was a bit ...... awful at acting... sorry.....
the ending was kind of funny though..
Good: 3/5
danisensei 16 Feb, 2015
It was so cuuute! <3
sillysym 23 May, 2015
It was too short..and a complete mess..she didn't have the time to fall in love yet she fell in love....maybe because Jang Wook is too hot? Lol
that was the worst story. ..and she acted so bad argh
Jang Wook is the most handsome actor ♡♡♡
beautifur 08 Jan, 2016
Gyuri's acting though... yeah... no
mawadades 18 Mar, 2016
I just love Ji Chang Wook T^T ♡♡♡
taycnvieira 10 Aug, 2018
JI CHANG WOOK handsome and charming as always! <3