What should be done with your remains once your dead? Got already an idea?

nanuklein 03 Oct, 2010
Want to be buried? Cremated and get your ashes thrown into the ocean? Get your ashes buried? Get mummified? ;) And why would you want it to be done like that?

Well just a thought that crossed my mind (thanks to this film). As for me, I'd probably want to be cremated (actually I'd like to get burnt on an open fire like they used to do it back in the days but that's illegal nowadays ;/) and get my ashes scattered throughout the forest because I love trees, nature and those really big and old primeval forests do have something really mysterious and beautiful about them, it's like a paradise where all those legends, and fairytales could come to life any time.
nightrainboww 03 Oct, 2010
I want to be cremated because I'm really scared that what if I just wake up after I get buried. O_O
nanuklein 03 Oct, 2010
What should be done with your ashes? A specific place you'd like to rest in peace at?
junho1582 03 Oct, 2010
In any case I wanna do organ donation, then probably get cremated.
About the ashes, I think it's illegal in here to keep them in an urn and also to scatter them freely Oo'
So they shall be buried, but oh well who knows what country I'll live and die in. ;D
nightrainboww 03 Oct, 2010
I think it's illegal in here too. o_O So they'll just be buried. XD
Random chan 04 Oct, 2010
"Cremated and get your ashes thrown into the ocean" in India :O.
I'd like that because... well... hmmmm... idk, i don't want my body to be eaten by worms :O though i don't think i'll care after dying anyway XDDDDD.
hmmm... In a few years i'll even sign a paper so when i'll die it'll be organized for me :D!
dudie 09 Oct, 2010
My organs and such are for donation. I like the thought that with my death I might be able to save the life of others.

I don't like the thought of cremation..the fire and such. So I will be burried.
nightrainboww 09 Oct, 2010
If I'm not wrong, in Finland it is (or is soon going to be, I don't remember how it was XD) that organs are always donated, unless the person has signed a paper s/he does not want to donate.