In search of buddies *cough* online loves *cough*

nanuklein 22 Oct, 2010
So who wants to become the buddy of this cuuuuuuuuuuuteeee user

aren't i sexy?! ;P
daredaniel 22 Oct, 2010
We should have a messenger group :<
nanuklein 22 Oct, 2010
사랑해!!! XD

We should, we should. something like a life chat, although we could create a chat thread in the general section.

On second thought we could open an IRC channel for MDL users. Making the community more approachable :O
lothiriel 22 Oct, 2010
@lustmord: you could have written "fellow East European citizens, come to meeeeeeeeh!!! :O" :)
authenticdivine 22 Oct, 2010
I think it'd be a little difficult to have a chat thread while there isn't a quote feature yet so maybe IRC channel then. I like that.
hikaru90 22 Oct, 2010
I have never used IRC channel. Blaa :<
daredaniel 22 Oct, 2010
I think a msn group would be much easier to use than a IRC channel. :(
nanuklein 22 Oct, 2010
Hmm, I don't have an MSN account. Just a gmail D: