On what unusuaul devices do you look at mdl?

linguist 22 Nov, 2010
I am curious, what strange devices do you use to surf on mdl? (No, I did not mean any strange operating systems like BeOS 5 oder AmigaOS, I said 'devices').

mdl on openpandora

mdl on openpandora, the lcd screen is only 95mm x 58mm
haoji 05 Dec, 2010
Wow, that's something I don't see everyday. Which operating system is it using? The browser looks like Google Chrome/Chromium.

For me, the most "unusual" device I have used for browsing MDL is the PS3.
linguist 06 Dec, 2010
Linux with xfce and yes the browser is Chromium. The device is called Openpandora and it is a little bigger than a ds lite.
aissa 06 Dec, 2010
i've used amazon kindle once to browse to this site.. there are some functionality that won't work on kindle though.
sarang 13 Feb, 2011
Eh...probably my 'wii' xD but otherwise than that I check MDL on my phone occasionally~
linguist 16 Feb, 2011
i should test mdl on the wii, but opera on the wii is very slow i guess...
sarang 16 Feb, 2011
^hmm really?? It works fine for me^^"....most of the time ahaha~