But that doesn't mean the drama is good (or bad)

slowcharlotte 27 Nov, 2010
Whenever my friends ask for suggestions on which good drama(s) to watch next, I always wait for their other friends to reply first and analyse the responses. Same goes when I'm the one who's asking for recommendations.

From what I can prematurely conclude, sometimes they are bias, and their biasness ("biasness" is not a valid word, btw xD) always come from:

The main actors/actresses.
"Omg I love xxx, he's so handsome in xxx, you have to watch it!"
I don't really agree with this. I can definitely say that I love Eita to death, I love his acting, but at the same time I can also say that Sunao ni Narenakute (this is just me giving an example, people. huhu) is not one of my favourite dramas and I won't really recommend it to people. I love all the actors and actresses, but I am disappointed with the story line's development. Great actors/actresses doesn't translate to the drama being good. So have you ever come across drama recommendation just because of the great line ups?

Adaptation from manga/anime
This can go either way:

1. Some would say that certain dramas are bad because the dramas don't live up to their expectations and they downgrade the dramas when discussing with others. I think that certain elements in manga, for example, ridiculousness or exaggerated scenes (which happen to be important characteristics of manga), can't be acted out in real life dramas so it's not really fair to compare the drama version and manga version. What say you?

2. Some would suggest certain dramas because they ab-oh-solutely love the manga, and ab-oh-solutely love the drama. One example I can think of (again, this is just me giving an example, dont kill me, guys =.=) is YamaNade. I watched it because some friends suggested it to me and the non-manga-fan me innocently believed them and watched the drama. It turned out to be an oh-so-lame drama for me and really, I only watched it till the end because I love some of the actors. *bricked*

What I'm trying to say is, drama adaptation should be evaluated as a standalone and not compared to the manga.

In the end I guess what's important is how similar your drama preferences to the person giving the recommendations. Do you notice any other type of bias when people give drama recommendations? Giving examples is good, but I hope we can keep this topic open with no bashing on others' preferences ^^;
nanuklein 28 Nov, 2010
Well, I generally avoid manga/anime adaptations unless I'm really hardcore in love with the anime/manga that already finished and would like to really see something more about it, or am really curious about how they worked that out with the life action (or just simply don't know that it's an adaptation). Generally, I'm disappointed. But for example, Mushi Shi was even better in the life action film, although Odagiri Joe failed to put Ginko's special charisma through, it was still suspenseful, mysterious, I already explained why in my watchlog.
My experiences were rather bad with Hana Yori Dango though. I liked the manga, and then I heard lots of people talk about a drama version and that the actors are so cute and awesomely acted it out, but nyaaaah, I was disappointed..
Some animes and mangas CAN'T ever be made into a life action without some slippery slopes occurring because animes have this vast space of freedom that real life doesn't. It can use art style, it can use impossible elements as a core for the story line, it can draw and paint everything without making it look shabby (oooooooof course that's mangaka business) while if the same object was turned into a real one it would suck to look at. While I think that animes with a realistic storyline and a rather usual drawing style can be easily made into a real life project with the right fundings, animes like aru tabibito no nikki, and flcl could never have a life action adaptation that would at least reach half of the original's awesomeness because the art contained in those shows represents an underlying part of the story's core.
iynx 03 Mar, 2011
I don't understand what you mean when you say [quote]Some would say that certain dramas are bad because the dramas don't live up to their expectations [/quote]
If you read a manga or a book or whatever and you hear that a drama is based on it, don't you expect it to be somewhat similar? From what I understand you're saying that for example some scenes may not be included in the live action that were in the source material and that might be why people "downgrade" the drama adaptation. As a writer I have to say that I don't include anything in my work that isn't essential for telling the story the way I want to tell it. So perhaps what you should consider is that your friends or the people from your examples may like the narrative style of the original work and they don't appreciate the story being told from someone else perspective. That's something you have to understand, when a director comes alone and adapts a previous work, he's simply recreating it from his perspective and fans with their own perspective. An example of this (though it's a novel not a manga) is Twilight. I read the first book and then watched the movie and frankly and honestly I was disgusted. I could not believe that the director or writers had actually read the book, they sure didn't cast correctly. Does anyone actually think that Robert (whatever his name is) looks the way Edward is portrayed in the book? The fact is that some people expect a certain degree of accuracy when they watch an adaptation, they don't see the live action as a separate work hence the disappointment. Obviously you're not one of those people.
For my self, I've noticed that people tend to be biased towards what is popular in true sheeple fashion. An example of this is the popularity of Battle Royale which is actually not that good a movie. Everyone says its really great but why is it? What makes Battle Royale better then any other action movie? Is it perhaps the fact that it's so well known? Even people who aren't fans of Asian Cinema know about BR, you can get that comic book in mainstream bookstores in England (which is a massive warning that it's crap). I mean when a book shop has Bleach, Naruto and Battle Royale, on it's shelves next to each other, that should tell you the quality of the product. They aren't even targeted at the same demographic.