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yamashita 30 Apr, 2017
Omona! Really nice~
ladyvampire666 06 Jun, 2018
Such a small note? Really? I find this movie very interesting, especially taking into account that Chinese productions are usually happy-go-lucky stupid love stories. From the beginning, you never knew what would happen. There were so many plots switched, I loved it! Especially how they showed how much people change when they become adults. Someone who almost killed you became your business partner, someone whose future was ruined because of one mistake, someone else made a very bad decision out of anger, hatred and lack of knowledge about the circumstances understand how stupid they were back then and turn out to be a really good person. Also how weird are the ways love operates - looking at someone you never saw in a romantic way and falling for that person, and how other people bring us closer to people we probably would never talked with if it wasn't for our different purpose?
And most of all, how well it portrays different type of Chinese teenagers.