MDLers we have new people that we can officially torture now! >:D

lothiriel 25 Jan, 2011
@bluenvision: the number of people checking the credits is the same as of those who read the Guidelines and FAQ. Since the buttons are next to eaxch other. Peace X)

ironic lothiriel on the way :P
marroann 25 Jan, 2011
@Random chan Haha yeah SORRY remember now xD I may be youngest (on the credit page) but it seems I'm a bit senile...

Lol a party u say xD that would be nice haha

You know me...I can't help it, just need to do some graphic stuff when there is a celebration. Wrote "everybody else" since I suppose they don't mind it and also feels that way xD


xD it said female on the profiles but I'm sorry if u are guys despite that since it's girls on tha pic xD
nanuklein 25 Jan, 2011
omg, marroann, that's so cute Image
marroann 25 Jan, 2011
Haha, thanks xD ^^ I was going for cuteness. Ah if only the world could be a cute place to live in (depressed because she needs to study her ass off and have a headache :O)
suketeru 30 Jan, 2011
oooh that's so cute ^_^
marroann 12 Feb, 2011
Glad to hear that you liked it as well! :]