MDLers we have new people that we can officially torture now! >:D

nanuklein 23 Jan, 2011
Maybe you've already noticed the changes that occurred on the staff page..well hohoho, those are our new official crew members! Maybe you know them already from before when they were still doing editing and merging in the shadows( just like ninjas, right?!).

I'm herewith officially welcoming
fara7 -- she likes Kim Gap Su, you know..the guy who played the awesome dad in Cinderella eonni? *cough* And and..she associated Battle Star Galactica with HUMMUS during our association spam session lol

bluenvision -- super energised role merging bunny <-- this really describes it all, I remember how astounded I was when she first became role editor and spam merged the roles section! I was like " :O " -- Speedy Gonzales is on the run in the roles section XD

suketeru -- this person is a mystery..a real mystery, sometimes I can perceive her shadows hidden among the deep corners of MDL..a born shinobi, right? Beware, she could be standing behind you!

Anyway, great to see you on the team, and big thanks for the efforts you put into making MDL better, yo!
suketeru 23 Jan, 2011
Thank you~ ^////^
Oh no! Did I earn me the "mystery lady" title on the net too! @.@ Maybe this is a sign ^_^;;

Thank you for accepting me in the MDL family, it's a great honor m(_ _)m
Looking forward to working with you guys ^^
bluenvision 23 Jan, 2011
Thanks for the warm welcome, lustmord. *0* I feel happy to be able to help MDL grow bigger and to be a part of the MDL staff. ^_^

Now I wonder how many people check the credits. @0@ It's sad to know that some people don't even care about it. x.x (I guess it happens in many places.)
lothiriel 23 Jan, 2011
A big, warm welcome hug, guys! :)) Please accept it from an old grandma :P

Wow, who opened this thread? Hm, hm? Mr. vanguard general lustmord, as expected :P
afterwork 23 Jan, 2011
Awww, thanks Lustmord :3 Oh and the Hummus -_- You are looking too much into details xD I even forgot about it :P It is great being part of this subarashi team :D
Random chan 23 Jan, 2011
hey hey... lothiriel, if you're the grandma, I don't wanna know who i am XDDDDDDD. I WAS HERE BEFORE HIDEKI. I even had the honor to chose what number I want :O I like 9.

We're awesome, there's nothing else to say... and one day... when we'll rule the world, there will be a huge party where I'll make everyone attend x.x you'll get free food and tickets. Now i'm gonna die. byes.
marroann 23 Jan, 2011
Yay our family is growing :D But I'm still the youngest??
marroann 23 Jan, 2011
Lol sry, thought I posted one reply not two >_> now when I think about it I didn't get this kind of greeting (a thread) when I became a part of the crew xD ;_; nah just being selfish - well it was just me then and not 3 at the same time.