Tamiflu, the deadly joke that was forced upon us

nanuklein 05 Feb, 2011
"Inhibiting neuraminidase" blocks the exit of the influenza virus from the host cell, thereby preventing replication in other than a few host cells.

You may remember all the panic and blowing out of proportion when H1N1 hit the floor. Due to these new strains of the influenza virus we were recommended to get Tamiflu as if our life would depend on it. Our governments were, like brainless poopheads, spending millions (or billions? ;))on stockpiling this drug although its effectiveness, and most importantly the adverse effects were not properly explored. There was not one proper study on the potential harms this drug could cause. But in spite of that scarce information, this drug was almost (in some countries it was as far as I remember) forced upon us. People become like sheep when scare tactics a la "you're gonna die if you don't eat this" are involved.
Most entertaining is the fact that Roche's (the company that manufactures this drug) studies are based on scientific fraud. So, the safety of this drug was based on hoax studies and all the smartypants who studied medicine discovered this only when it was already too late. Cool.

When I think about how children at schools were given the drug just because a class member was found to be infected with the swine flu and that even if the other children didn't show any symptoms of being infected -- that makes me super angry.

I mean, in some articles I read that more than half of the children in UK who took the antiviral drug Tamiflu ended up with side effects.

Studies showed that those kids either suffered from cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, nightmares, insomnia, unable to concentrate, and it was reported that strange changes in behaviour in the pupils occurred as well, while Japan reported several death cases with children -- all occurrences were confirmed to be linked to Tamiflu.

Finally, the Cochrane organisation redid a review on this subject but that just because a Japanese paediatrician was concerned about the results of their previous study as it had no basis. Hayashi criticised it severely, because he was seriously concerned (apparently the only one on this big planet) about the side effects of this drug..insomnia, nausea, bad dreams, abdominal issues, neuropsychiatric diseases (apparently quite a few who took the drug had then neuropsychiatric issues that went to the extent of them ending up harming themselves!), headaches and on it goes.

In conclusion to this subject, don't ever follow the pharmaceutics trend. Don't get a flu shot just because everybody else does it, or because the government wants you to. Don't ingest pharmaceutics drugs of which there's been done no proper study on its side effects. Why? You could end up unlucky just like some who turned blind, went crazy, died after ingesting Tamiflu.


1) Study: CNN: Health : Tamiflu causes nausea and nightmares in children (2009)

2) LA Times : Health : British medical journal questions efficacy of Tamiflu for swine flu — or any flu (2009)
nightrainboww 05 Feb, 2011
I'm glad I refused to take the Tamiflu shot. :O I hate taking medicines, so I only take them when I'm really really really sick (which is actually pretty often because I have a weak immune system, so why take even more medicines when there's not even a good reason for that). Why would I take a flu shot? Is it 100% guaranteed that I will get H1N1? If I will, then it's just bad luck. There's medicines to cure H1N1! Taking a flu shot to prevent this from happening is like taking sleeping pills because ''I might have trouble falling asleep''.
lothiriel 05 Feb, 2011
My doc said that considering my state of health, a flu shot was recommended, however he allowed me to make the final decision. In the end, I took it, because I didn't find any reason why not :D If it really has side effects, no problem, the symptoms might come a bit earlier than expected X)
hideki 05 Feb, 2011
"Die meisten Menschen haben einen Schnupfen".
suketeru 06 Feb, 2011
Aren't all shots for prevention? They're not saying you are gonna get sick, but it's to (try and) avoid it if you do get in a situation where you might get infected *shrug*still holds a grudge for the canceled Tegomass concert in Stockholm because of this stupid swine flu -.-*
My doc made fun of the H1N1 shot so didn't give me that. But he regularly gives me the normal flu shot every year. My granny nags me a lot about it too ^^; If I don't take it, it's like the sky will fall down XD I don't know if it's thanks to that or not, but I rarely get sick in the winter now *knock on wood*

Trends are boring.
nightrainboww 06 Feb, 2011
Well, my body can't stand shots for some reason. Whenever I get a shot, I get fever for many many days, and sometimes a bunch of other symptoms too. Only vaccine shot I take is lockjaw. I'd rather get the actual disease (flu, whatever) than the shot, because the disease isn't even nearly as bad lol.