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flcl 17 Feb, 2011
Evening y'all, users of mdl, people of Hideki, victims of asian dramas, advocators of fangirlism, children of Random Chan, brothers of flcl, kids of Nightrainboww, students of Lustmord, and most of all the offsprings of my generation.

I just made an IRC Channel for us and I will be the King of it until someone performs coup d’état on me preferrably in the style of Hong Gil Dong. Feel free to come troll me there.

I have no idea how successful this will be on this first try but we'll see... the point is, that it's there now. We can make the channel blossom with words and ideas, opinions and facts, stories and jokes and music.

(PS. Hideki or Random Chan, take over this project for me because I'm too lazy to "host" it. But I feel this is necessary to make this community more united eh?)

Sincerely, The King, The FLCL, the right or was it left? hand man of Hideki, servant and assistant of Random Chan, stranger to lustmord, family of nightrainboww, the antifangirlist and one of the most popular users on MDL.
junho1582 17 Feb, 2011
ayo :D this was neccesary, everyone come join, nice ideo, yo ;D
flcl 17 Feb, 2011
+1 for junho's acknowledgement
Random chan 17 Feb, 2011
You have times to open stuff like that, flcl. I'll read your post deeply later and see whatever I'm gonna do with you. Right now I'm so tired and busy... I can't host anything. You should find people to help host it if you wish for the time being. I'll edit this message tomorrow. Good night.
hideki 17 Feb, 2011
^ words of a genius.
flcl 17 Feb, 2011
Doesn't take much effort to create a channel on IRC :P roooofled
nanuklein 18 Feb, 2011
Been there, met a boy called Pikachu using a phoneme turning it into a ghastly Mikachu. :D Who are you puppy?

Stranger? I seeeeeeeeeeeee how it is. And I thought we were deeply infatuated with each others..*wipes tear off blushing cheek*
Random chan 22 Feb, 2011
:P it's a nice place XDD