who are you: hakgyo 2015

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Two identical girls with similar names lead two different life. Orphan Lee Eun Bi is endlessly bullied and alone in her school. Go Eun Byeol goes to a prestigious school with her friends, and everything seems okay until she goes missing. Being identical, Lee Eun Bi takes the place of the missing Go Eun Byeol.

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stellybish 17 Mar, 2015
Yes! The school series are back! <3
yokochan 25 Mar, 2015
Kim So Hyun is the leading Role <3 but i also want lee yo bi *Q* and kim yoo jeong *Q* and moreeeeeeeeeee !
nami24 28 Apr, 2015
so is eun bi the main or byul? :o
I liked them both from the first ep ;-;
buuuuuuuuuuuut if the preview for the next ep is right then.... /slaps myself/ why did i watch the preview ;^;
sarahohimesama 05 May, 2015
i'm enjoying this drama so much its awesome, and the ost is good! :D
miyuka 13 May, 2015
I like this drama so much~
Eun Bi ♡ Tae Kwang
weirdol 13 May, 2015
it is getting more & more interesting! I am hooked *_*
paulixx27 14 May, 2015
this drama is daebak! ♥
Eun Bi & Tae Kwang - I SHIP IT!! ♥
erzsy 14 May, 2015
The last scene of the episode 6 was
just perfect!!!!!!!! <3