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Two identical girls with similar names lead two different life. Orphan Lee Eun Bi is endlessly bullied and alone in her school. Go Eun Byeol goes to a prestigious school with her friends, and everything seems okay until she goes missing. Being identical, Lee Eun Bi takes the place of the missing Go Eun Byeol.

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yuukari 30 Aug, 2015
OST was amazing, the plot is good, I liked how they went with all that mystery, bullying and parent issues. BUT as usual happens in dramas

the second lead curse..... ):
Taekwang deserved Eunbi more than anyone. He was caring her, protected her... and he suffered a lot, and when he found a little bit of happiness they took it away. I'm angry.
I liked Yi An, really. but there's no chemistry between he and Eunbi. I couldn't feel it at all.

And I'm a little disappointed because of that. I know they wanted to show some real stuff, but not always I (and maybe other people) want things like that, in this case it was acceptable if Taekwang ended with Eunbi because their relationship developed so fine.

Now to be honest, I'm a little tired of things like that always happening in k-dramas :/ you start watching and you already expects that the second lead, no matter how good their character is, never gets what he wants or deserves.

Besides that it's worth watching it.
Sohyun is so wonderful~ I love her acting!
Sungjong ♥
yuukari 18 Sep, 2015

owgod I'm always mixing Sungjae & Sungjong names D:
ally 28 Sep, 2015
Everyone is disappointed with the ending but for me,
it was very clear who was Eun Bi going to end up with.

It was a cool drama I guess, but the plot was lacking a little bit. Entertaining nevertheless.
vanityfull 28 Sep, 2015
Have to agree with your comment. Everyone knew that Tae Kwang+ Eun Bi ship will never sail xd The suspense was nice while it lasted, too bad it kind of died towards the end. The acting was also good, definitely expected that from Kim So Hyun, but not from the boys since they are new to the acting scene.

Still, School 2013 was so much better in comparison to this one.
iloveuuu 07 Dec, 2015
Just like most people in the comments, I'm really sad about Eunbi not ending up with Taekwang. I also feel sorry for her sister who seemed to like Han I An
shayaqus 14 Sep, 2016
why.. why... ?!
omg.. me and my second lead syndrome.. Gong Tae Gwang (Seong Jae) should be a lead actor.. the swimmer should be second lead. I'd love to watch such ending ;< I'd love such drama..
jeaudrey 02 Feb, 2017
the ost is amazing
jeaudrey 14 Feb, 2017
I dropped this a time ago, because I have the second lead syndrome
But i decided to finish, because i really like the script.
And i think this drama is really good, every teenager must watch this, because it show all that we been through in this part of life, the friends, the love, the school, the grades, dreams etc.
But like so many, i didn't like the end because
I still can't believe that Eu Byeol end up with Han I An, I mean, after all that Tae Gwang did for she, I was really pissed off, I never liked a second lead so much like in this. So in my head I gonna think that when they were in the orphanage, she acepeted him, and now they are married LOL
I swear, I hated that she dosn't choose him =(