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Two identical girls with similar names lead two different life. Orphan Lee Eun Bi is endlessly bullied and alone in her school. Go Eun Byeol goes to a prestigious school with her friends, and everything seems okay until she goes missing. Being identical, Lee Eun Bi takes the place of the missing Go Eun Byeol.

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paulixx27 26 May, 2015
Tae Kwang is so cute, he totally won my heart! ^^ <3 [3]
my second guy syndrome is growing more and more [2]

I'm seriously addicted to this drama & Gong Tae Kwang ♥ fangirling so hard.....
sillysym 27 May, 2015
me too!!! Go go eunbyul go take your Yi An, eunbi is for tae kwang
jongkook 27 May, 2015
Episode 10... all the feels.
Tae Kwang taking the heat from Yi An instead of Eun Bi... d'awww... and the final scene; I KNEW IT.

Fuuu--- I want next week's episode already. ;n;
nami24 27 May, 2015
omg ep 10...
*takes a deep breath*
i felt there were too much tae kwang and i was just starting to feel bad cuz i grew attached more and more but then the last scene omggggggg
/after some drama tho/
but i can't help but feel that yi han acctually felt a bit something for eun bi as welll........
but i still can't accept the fact thagt they changed the first part of ep 10 i mean i liked that tae kwang was there for her <3 but it kinda ruined the ending of ep 9.... like idk it felt a bit weird :c
but anyway GO TAEBI <3 D
nami24 27 May, 2015
@jongkook XD i was like that too!! this year idk why i keep watching ongoing dramas and then regretting it when i finish the episodes XD but like that i can watch a lot... is what i tell myself.. sometimes its hard to marathon..
but still ongoing dramas are such a pain it makes me cry and waiting is hard but i can't help it ;A;
maram07 28 May, 2015
the ending of ep 10
common !!! How Go Eun Byoul is alive after they assure her death it doesn't make sense. We are talking about Korea country. It is impossible that they mistaken with other person. Any way I knew that the writer will make the plot like this
jongkook 28 May, 2015
@nami24 Exactly! This year is odd for me. I usually wait until it's finished airing, but nope, not the case now... I marathon a little too much sometimes. xD

I was starting to feel a bit guilty to Yi An too. I liked him, but all the Tae Kwang moments. I do believe Yi An felt something for Eun Bi, 'cause he said it before that he sometimes like the "new" Eun Byul more. I think it's more like, he's unsure of what to do, since Eun Byul was his childhood sweetheart and she's /supposed/ to be dead. I'm wondering how she could still be alive too, if government had confirmed the death and even the news.
nami24 28 May, 2015
yeah i was wondering then whos body in there ... how could they confirm it was eunbi if it wasnt even her face... :c
I'm happy she is alive but its weird >_>
so plot twist
they were triplets! 8D /slapped/

ohhhh after commenting I thought of something!!!
maybe since it was in the river maybe someone else did commit a sucide but because it was a river the body decomposed and so eunbyul gave her eunbi uniform and so they thought it was eunbi who died?! :o
thats more believeble!!
but then that evil girl wouldnt have killed anyoneand then they will say she was the victim all along and that eunbyul and eunbi are bad...
idk idk >_>