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Two identical girls with similar names lead two different life. Orphan Lee Eun Bi is endlessly bullied and alone in her school. Go Eun Byeol goes to a prestigious school with her friends, and everything seems okay until she goes missing. Being identical, Lee Eun Bi takes the place of the missing Go Eun Byeol.

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addy1884 11 Jun, 2015
omg ep 10 ending made me give it a 5/5
jongkook 12 Jun, 2015
Can Tae Kwang be any more adorable? I'm dying here. I love all his scenes... and can't seem to stop replaying/rewinding TaeBi moments. ;n;
Eun Byul is awesome. I hope she walks all over So Young. She's such a bitch.
ddevart 13 Jun, 2015
Omo Omo, que cabelo lindo do Tae Kang! ♥ #ShippoTaeKang&EunBi
eunhye 15 Jun, 2015
Forever in Team I An! *_*

Since Ingyeogongju Park Dae Bak is my forever love, can't do anything with it. Sooo... Go-go Eun Bi/I An couple! But I still feel she ends up with Tae Kwang. Ah....
nami24 16 Jun, 2015
omggg shouldn't eunbyul at least call to check on eunbi first? T.T
then maybe Eunbi could tell her to give her sometime and she would have said it outright.... but she couldn't..
if she only said it first then so young would fail .. maybe >.>
but anyway whats up with her father! he could have let her transfer to another close school :l arn't they in seoul?-and somehow magically be in Eunbi new school.. well at least she wouldn't be humiliated till the very end!!and if she did show the class the video of her bullying eunbi-eunbyul's sister.. does she think her friends would allow her to stay like that? I mean it's bullying.
one ep left...

ahhh and also
I shall ship TaeBi till the end >: I mean when he kissed her it looks like her heart skipped a beat.. and i didn't think she would hit him since she isn't eunbyul.................................... but omg that even made my heart skip a beat T.T
even though i do admit.. YiAn is likeable char but still idw him to be with eunbi.. he already settled his feeling for eunbyul so YiByul might not happen now but maybe in the future...? :D

its hard waiting one day T.T
nami24 16 Jun, 2015
btw btw btttww guys! Taebi shippers!
the new ost sang by Sungjae- Love Song
is like Taekwang's feeling and at the end there is a girl's part saying:

"I'm loving you Even though I can't say it to you,
You have always been that one person that has stayed by my side,
so that one day i'm able to call out your name,
will you wait for me
I'm thankful you're here"

so.. if we assume that the song is Taekwang's feeling then maybe the girl part is Eunbi's feeling.. and she said "will you wait for me".. isn't that a good sign?!!
maybe this drama will end in an open ending... and like he will wait for her.. or they would make them a couple now!! *0*
*still won't accept YiAn EunBi coupling* ;-;
I know YiAn went through a lot and actually likes Eunbi not because of her being EunByul twin but because its her and all..
but idk i still can't ship them.. ;-;
even if he was the second guy its too late to get attached to him through the second guy syndrome that I have so..
whether Taekwang is the second guy or not i will always ship him with EunBi T.T
I feel that Eunbyul gave up on YiAn because of her sister.. she let him go... but I also feel that Eunbi knows her sister feelings twoards YiAn and thats why she won't accept him .. >> leading towards an open ending... but at least this would give us hope us Taekwang-Eunbi shippers right? *-*

*sighs* this drama is awesome .. better get me tissues ready for tomorrow's finale
eunhye 16 Jun, 2015
mysticmanny 16 Jun, 2015
disappointed, I was hoping for a Taebi Yiunbyul ending :(