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Hatori is the heroine of this story. She always dreamt of getting together with her childhood friend, Rita. But to her despair, he soon gets a girlfriend and she is left alone. However, the most popular boy in school takes notice of her.

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Random chan 22 Apr, 2016
@keepingbreath @taekyul893 you do? O_O I don't!
alex3 26 Apr, 2016
It was so... weird. I don't understand the girl at all. And Rita. He seemed so fake to me. And I'm so sad about
Random chan 27 Apr, 2016
@alex3 omg I can relate so much
like in every shoujo genred work, she will always go with first guy no matter how cruel, heartless and insensitive he might be. Even if the second guy is much better for her X_x. It's so annoying and weird and makes me feel sad for all second guys.
alex3 27 Apr, 2016
@Random chan *nods* nothing we can do about it, unfortunatelly ;~;
beautifur 06 May, 2016
Ngl, I loved it. Cute and funny.
LOL @ Mirei being 26 yo and still rocking the high school girl role.
juliavanila 10 Jun, 2016
I enjoyed it even the story was very typical for a shoujo. I haven't read the manga tho it was easy to predict the ending.
zhouyanran 23 Jun, 2016
I rarely suffer from second lead syndrome, but watching this film made me a serious case of sls.
danisensei 27 Jun, 2016
It was light, funny, cute, but it doesn't cause big emotions. It's typical and predictable. I like the mains and I liked the movie in general.