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Hatori is the heroine of this story. She always dreamt of getting together with her childhood friend, Rita. But to her despair, he soon gets a girlfriend and she is left alone. However, the most popular boy in school takes notice of her.

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powerpuff 04 Jul, 2016
It had potential but...
I think the character development was shallow. Adachi (and then Hiromitsu) are the more complex characters in the movie but they are pushed aside in the name of this weird obsession the Japanese have with "childhood friends" being destined to end up together. The use of destiny as a motive in a story is proof of bad writing imo. It should have just been a gag-filled comedy from beginning to end without all the drama.
stellybish 13 Jul, 2016
Wow... this was a bit strange, specially at first. I've never read the manga, but I found some things a bit overboard. Also, I coulnd't understand the characters...
Why did Adachi have to be so creepy?
Rita... what was with him? He was so quiet and I coulnd't really feel his love towards Hatori.
Hatori was also simply weird, I think she would have been better off with Kousuke, but she decided to hold onto her feelings for her childhood friend.

Maybe something was off with the movie simply because the manga has over 30 chapters and you can't possibly fit all that into 110 minutes. It wasn't that bad and for a moment
I really didn't know who she would end up with it, but she took the wrong path... lol
I liked Nakajima the most *-*
whitematsurika 09 Aug, 2016
remind me of lovely complex movie with all the manga expression and effects..
enjoy this movie a lot and unfortunately
suffer from 2nd lead syndrome...hiromitsu T^T
eunhye 10 Aug, 2016
Okay, great, now i'm in love with Sakaguchi Kentarou! XD
d0npian0 25 Aug, 2016
Love triangles. Ugh. Second Lead Syndrome. Ughhhhh.
ikah 08 Oct, 2016
I enjoyed the movie. It was one of the rare moments, when I really liked the main female character (she was quite strong and didnt act too cutely, and although she was naive at the beginning and made certain mistakes, she was able to sort out her feelings quite well. Although many people might find her decision to be stupid, I think things related to love dont make sense, when you look at them trough rational mind and not through heart.) I surprisingly enjoyed the fact that it was shot with manga effect and exaggeration of facial expression, for me Kiritani Mirei did a really good job in this movie.
I didnt read manga, but Rita was pretty gloomy character and Adachi was quite creepy. I dont know how to put it into words well, but there was something strange about these characters, which made me feel really weird. On the other hand, Kousuke was exceptional character, who had head and heart on the right place. I really suffered from the 2nd male lead syndrome.
I also appreciated that they chose really nice time and locations for shooting certain scenes, so the movie was visually very pleasing. :)
leahhlowe 23 Feb, 2017
I wish they could have changed the finale :(
sab501 05 Mar, 2017
The manga is way moooore better =.= I expected a lot from this movie, but I really didn't like it...