So Sick!

flcl 13 Mar, 2011
zaharisa 13 Mar, 2011
Omo! I just can't believe these people!

@flcl- Thanks for shariing. :(((
komorebi 13 Mar, 2011
This is the most disgusting and unhuman thing I've seen in a while.
Look at them, they weren't even born when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor,
and talking about payback, they completely ignore Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I can't believe this kind of people exist. I know they do, but every time it's shocking me again.
authenticdivine 13 Mar, 2011
Ahh, if you hadn't put this up, I would've.

This pisses me off... and makes me ashamed to be American.
zaharisa 13 Mar, 2011
@authenticdivine- During the past few years I was left with so bad impression about Americans and they just don't fail to cease me in a bad way.

Thank you for saying that you are American. You saved me as a human being...

Edit: The same goes for @chentse bellow. Thank you :))
chentse 13 Mar, 2011
Truly disgusting. I can never understand how someone can make fun of another persons tragedy.

There are a lot of idiots who just post stuff for "shock value" and to try and make people laugh, but they seriously need to think before they post or tweet. And to the rest of them who really believe what they typed, all I can say is that it's people like them who make a majority of the rest of the world hate Americans.

On a personal note, people like that are a reason I feel ashamed to admit I'm American.
komorebi 13 Mar, 2011
Well, in a huge country like the USA I guess it's only natural that many different people with different points of view exist, so imho nobody has to be ashamed to be American. Also considering the government offered help to Japan, and the government represents the country. Still these people are the worst kind, regarding the country as a whole and not being able to see the innocent suffering people behind it, who have absolutely nothing to do with what happened 70 years ago.
Random chan 13 Mar, 2011
I saw it myself yesterday and thought it's disgusting. I was pretty amused however, reading a message saying japan started the WWII (Oo?). It makes me so sad to read stuff like 'ya, it's their payback' from people, but even more sad from idiots who have not even a SINGLE idea what they are talking about.
I'm still amused though, japan started 2nd WW? Oo that's new (America, changing history since 1939).
=\ That's so terrible with all this hate, which comes from idk where Oo. Many many people weren't even there at all, so what the hell? gah, I want to bite someone.

I'm ashamed to be living on earth when i read stuff like that =\.