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A season has passed and it's autumn now, but the story between Asuka and Ryou continues. And as the relationship between the two deepens, new obstacles are standing in their way.

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silivren 13 Nov, 2011
It's definitely not Toda Erika. She really looks more like Ichikawa Yui.
silivren 13 Nov, 2011
One of the funniest and cutest doramas I've seen ^__^
Really enjoyed it.
melissa 08 Jan, 2012
@xjannyx It was Ichikawa Yui indeed
japanfreak 09 Jan, 2012
was it the song from Harry Potter in ep 11? or im going crazy?
rlime 11 Jan, 2012
Yes, it was the theme song from Harry Potter being played as the BGM. Lol.
alexadm81 14 Feb, 2012
It was a really pleasant drama, and the ending was lovely! :)
@rlime It was in episode 12 too! :)
ocamilao 29 Aug, 2012
I really enjoy this drama because of Isono!! i canĀ“t stop laughing because of him
watashiwachiaki 24 Aug, 2015
Isono-san the MVP!!!