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Bei Wei Wei from the computer science department is an avid gamer. One day, to her surprise, she is asked to virtually marry the best player on her server. What Wei Wei doesn't know, however, is that he is her university's most admired student and game developer, Xiao Nai.

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shayaqus 23 Aug, 2016
so interesting~!
milisia 24 Aug, 2016
First episode was so cool!
rashinhye 27 Aug, 2016
Addictive :)
vanityfull 04 Sep, 2016
Very creative, but too cheesy starting from episode 10 T_T
berrytm 07 Sep, 2016
Up to episode 19 and I'm so glad there wasn't too much college/"school" drama xD and no like misunderstandings or fighting between the two leads its great :")
milisia 08 Sep, 2016
Well after the last episode i can say i enjoyed it a lot. It was quite fresh title, without all these dramas, cliches, all the time, just funny and cute romance , with nice game background :P
About characters, i almost liked all of them, maybe main hero was many times too perfect and all, but oh well. He was charming, good looking, and shining brightly XD star of this show. About the rest: KO was amazing XD and also friends from both sides, was also cool gang :P but i was hoping for less dramas here and there, between the girls was little bit annoying sometimes.

Opening was cool (the music!), and was just nice, maybe sometimes too perfect, but still it was refreshing to see a couple, when they just try to solve their problems by talking to each other, and support each other also, and they wasn't quarreling or something, about every stupid things :P or doings of their environment.
berrytm 11 Sep, 2016
Finished now and I can say I've completely fallen for YangYang's character xD I enjoyed it a lot :") Will miss this perfect couple!
karinchen 11 Sep, 2016
@milisia thats so right. i really enjoyed it too. without all these drama.

i have watched it in a whole week ^^ and i didn't get bored. it was a nice, funny and cute romance. and the gameingscenes were really new for me ^^