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Junior's life couldn't be any more perfect. She is beautiful and popular, has a handsome boyfriend, and her family is rich. Yet, convinced by others, she decides to alter her face, which leads to a major disaster. As soon as she loses her outstanding looks, the very same people immediately distance themselves from her. To avoid them, Junior decides to move out of Bangkok and start both treatment and university in another city. This seemingly bad event ends up letting Junior discover the real meaning of friendship and love, as she meets a playful and kind upperclassmen, Seua.

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kamilles 31 Jul, 2015
This is such a cute and fun series!
ellie7 16 Aug, 2015
It was fun to watch it, both the female and the male lead were lovely, cute and loveable. It's a light romantic comedy, but has something to say about inner and outer beauty and what really matter when you fall in love with someone.
3lii 27 Sep, 2015
It was good until it started contradicting itself. It acted like a drama with positive messages about the importance of inner beauty in love, respecting women and homosexuality, but at the same time it sent messages offensive to all those categories. The last two episodes were wtf for me and as a result I ended up really hating the main characters.

E.g. lead guy acted like women only want to look pretty to attract guys, and lead girl said she doesn't like yaoi manga because it's unnatural (that may possibly be a bad translation I'm not sure)

Also she should be pissed off at him for pretending to be poor when hes actually rich, part of the reason she liked him was because he is hardworking but that was all just a facade.
hukkins 13 Dec, 2015
danisensei 16 Jun, 2016
This was SOOOOO CUUUTE!! <3
And funny! I really loved it! ^.^
purtysunshine 09 May, 2018
This drama was super cute! This was only my second time watching a Thai drama so I’m still getting used to the language and the style but I really enjoyed it…such a sweet story! Also, Kasetsin Puttichai is unreal…his acting was fantastic and Suea felt like a genuine person as opposed to how these stories typically portray their male leads (beautiful and perfect). Suea WAS beautiful and perfect but he also had a personality. I loved how he teased and played with Junior and how their relationship developed so naturally. The last two episodes or so left me feeling a little annoyed, mostly because
I did not understand why Junior kept turning Suea away. At first it was because she wasn’t sure he was serious and I get that, but after a while I was kinda more on Suea’s side when he got angry with her. If the writer was using the excuse that Suea was “poor” as the reason Junior choose to let him go then I don’t really buy it…that’s totally out of character for her and makes her no better than anyone else. She did kind of mention thinking that they were just “too different” as well but again—that only goes so far.
Anyway, other than that flaw in the writing this drama was short and sweet…totally worth the watch!