ta lai le, qing bi yan

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etoile 31 Aug, 2016
the beginning was much stronger than ending and main "bad" character was underwhelming. heroine was a bit bland too but tbh actress didn't have a lot to work with. overall it deserves a strong 3, but i'm giving an extra star purely because wallace huo is sight for sore eyes.
frannam 11 Mar, 2017
I loved it so much. A masterpiece! <3
yokochan 05 Dec, 2017
Woah this Drama was absolutely Great *______________* i miss ANDY xD and Professor Bo *Q* & Zi Yu <3 5 * ! ! ! So many amazing Shocking Moments =O =D
missiealice 24 May, 2018
Um hino de c-drama. Maravilhoso.