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arfeiniel 20 Dec, 2015
This drama is such a cute little thing :D
I've liked Sung Hoon since "New Tales of Gisaeng" and I feel that he is getting better. He should work on his delivery, but in this particular drama it suited his (very haughty) character well. The real knockout for me was Kim Jae-Kyung though. She really made this generic "Candy" into a likeable and sympathetic character. She was cute, but not cutsy, cheerful, but not annoying and feisty, but not over the top. I loved her muchly. ♥
To tell you the truth, this is exactly how I pictured Hong Seol (both personality and looks) in Cheese in the Trap.
carroline 26 Feb, 2016
The drama is cute, she's nice and funny... But him... XD he's really hot but can't act at all XD he's kinda cute though XD
ayutchan 15 Aug, 2016
So cute. Loved it
nekolacta 24 May, 2017
He's cute but a real jerk.
"Don't talk to any man, don't look to any man but me, I'm dominant"
Oh man just stop it...
noraiya 08 Aug, 2017
Watched it on Netflix. Wtf is wrong with writers so they keep writing abusive relationships ?? "I am a man you must obey me and do as told" it's not cute nor should it be presented as such.

I mean he litterally tells her "I'm dominant, you're submissive" and at one point tells her to not go to work or he'll be angry ??? Also telling her to quit dancing because of a guy ???

Also the acting was terrible during most of the drama.
deformedchrist 14 Feb, 2018
This is my first web novel... nothing special. A bad plot, average performance and a somewhat toxic relationship.