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Gang Yeon Du is the leader of the Real King dance club at a prestigious high school, and also a proud member of the bottom five percent in student ranking. The favourite freetime activity of the cheerful girl and her friends is turning on music and dancing their stress and sorrows away. Much to the dismay of the neighbouring study club, the White Tigers, which consists of the top student of the school, Kim Yeol, his best friend Seo Ha Jun, and a few other good students who are heavily favoured by the school principal and backed up by their influential parents.

Opinions clash and sparks fly heavily when the two clubs are forced to merge into the cheerleading club, the original White Tigers, so that the good students can raise points for college. But spending time together soon brings to light what is really happening in the lives of the teenagers: parents who are abusive and build up too much pressure, greedy politicians and a principal that only cares about marks and the image of the school, and last but not least the new and foreign emotions that come hand in hand with growing up.

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mack 02 Nov, 2015
i want to kill kwon su ah
k91710 02 Nov, 2015
i want to kill kwon su ah [2]
poulminjae 03 Nov, 2015
I don't want to kill Kwon Su Ah... I want to kill her mom and consultant for making her like that...
nimwoo 04 Nov, 2015
Watching this drama has been so fun. When I first started it I didn't have much hopes and just watched the first episode to watch whatever was airing at the moment. But 20 mins later I got so attached to every character.

Kim Yeol and his cute smile and how smart he is and the way he confessed so sincerely made me flustered so much. Seo Ha Joon is a cute little ball of fluff and whenever he smiles or acts shy I want to punch myself because he's too cute, omg. I would take care of his heart very well.

Also, since the beginning I always sorta tried to understand Kwon Soo Ah, especially because I had the pressure of being the #1 student at school too and how her mother put on her so much stress (and even after she almost comitted suicide, her mother still pressured her), I could only pity her. She's very pretty too so it was hard to fully hate her. Not to mention Ha Dong Jae always worrying for her and how he overcame his trauma while saving her got me so emotional.

The ep. 10 was so emotional too, I cried like 3 times, especially when all the cheerleading team was supporting her. I felt so touched because I know there are a lot of students out there with the pressure that Kwon Soo Ah had and, like me, they don't have anyone to rely on. I wish all those students struggling with exams and stuff would take a moment to enjoy the school life because we only have it once and sometimes we get stressed in a young age when we should be enjoying ourselves too.

I'm concerned now about what's going to happen between Kim Yeol and Kang Yeon Doo's parents. Though I feel like their parents are the ones who will give up on their love for their children to be happy (also because the children are the protagonists, lol).

This drama has overall been really nice and every character is loveable and you get attached to all of them.
meakoo 07 Nov, 2015
so much feels in ep10 :').

I don't want to kill Kwon Su Ah... I want to kill her mom and consultant for making her like that... [2]
beeesseoul 09 Nov, 2015
Honestly...I was like phewww yes I won't have second lead syndrome I really like Kim Yeol! Until I realized Dongjae isn't the real second lead. This sucks man. I like them both what do I do.
stehcamine 11 Nov, 2015
This was perfect. Everything. My favorite scholar drama. ♥
yuukari 11 Nov, 2015
Enjoyable ♥

I thought Hakyeon was some kind of important second lead because he's the lead's childhood friend, but turns out that Hajun <3 was... and I confess that I love him way more than Yeol!

Dongjae has few scenes.. that disappointed me in some way (Hakyeon must have been very busy because of VIXX's comeback ♥).. still I smiled every time I saw him in the screen.

Someone else also noticed that he (Dongjae) was missing in some scenes where seconds ago he was just there?

Anyway, this should have more episodes ;~; because they could explore more about the other cheer-leading's members story.

Eunji awesome as always *-*