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Gang Yeon Du is the leader of the Real King dance club at a prestigious high school, and also a proud member of the bottom five percent in student ranking. The favourite freetime activity of the cheerful girl and her friends is turning on music and dancing their stress and sorrows away. Much to the dismay of the neighbouring study club, the White Tigers, which consists of the top student of the school, Kim Yeol, his best friend Seo Ha Jun, and a few other good students who are heavily favoured by the school principal and backed up by their influential parents.

Opinions clash and sparks fly heavily when the two clubs are forced to merge into the cheerleading club, the original White Tigers, so that the good students can raise points for college. But spending time together soon brings to light what is really happening in the lives of the teenagers: parents who are abusive and build up too much pressure, greedy politicians and a principal that only cares about marks and the image of the school, and last but not least the new and foreign emotions that come hand in hand with growing up.

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locaxdrama 11 Nov, 2015
Hajun <3 was [the important second lead]... and I confess that I love him way more than Yeol! [2] ^^;
unknown 11 Nov, 2015
only up to ep 4 - already hooked up! ... i like eunji - every drama she does is good!!! and that main guy!!!! I LOVE HIM ALREADY XD he's like a big jerk but isn't really XD
but! i'm looking forward to the secon lead syndrome everyone is talking about since i started it mainly because of Ji Soo - i fell for him in Angry Mom.

beeesseoul 11 Nov, 2015
Good. Loved Eunji as always. As for Jisoo, I'll just love him myself, hah. Could be very stressful when it comes to the melodrama and evil characters just as any other school drama. This drama could actually be another extension to the School series, it's that similar. Also, this show is definitely not that much about cheerleading despite the English title. Worth watching though.
nimwoo 11 Nov, 2015
Everything in this drama is just very good. I loved the character development of everyone and how the plot just ended without much problems and cleanly. Honesty, this is one of the best (if not the best) school dramas I've watched. As someone already said, it could perfectly have been part of the School series, and take out Who Are You: School 2015, because this one makes up for it. I loved even Kwon Soo Ah, who was very dislikeable at first because her character was very nice too. It's really so good, I've got no words to explain how much I liked this drama. As for Seo Ha Joon, I can keep him, haha.

I give this drama 5 stars, and if possible, I would give it more.
iloveuuu 11 Nov, 2015
I'm really going to miss this. :'(
thefreak 11 Nov, 2015
Another heartfelt journey through the lives of teenagers in modern society and school (though probably -hopefully- a bit exaggerated in this particular aspect), which partly reminded me of the profound way the 'School' franchise normally deals with this topic.
"Sassy Go, Go" is carried by great actors and actresses, who breathe life into their characters in every scene =
Though one could argue that her roles are a bit too repetitive and similiar, I totally love Eun Ji! She has this way of making her characters feel real and alive. Ji Soo really stole the show! The boy is good in chosing his characters so far; and he plays them (almost) perfectly! He totally tucks at my heartstrings every time! This was my first drama with Lee Won Geun and even if I liked his character - Yeol could play the games of the adults nearly better than the adults themselves; we finally had a really smart and no-nonsense character as a lead - I had a hard time adjusting to the actor. Won Geun really confuses me with his facial expression. He looks so sly most of the time...

I really enjoyed this show, though I'm not completely satisfied with how some events were concluded.
I'll never be able to look at gummy bears the same way...
sbloom 12 Nov, 2015
it was lovely, the actors were really really great, and the ending was supposed to be like that so I'm fine with it
taekyul893 12 Nov, 2015
I really wished they made this longer. It was great and I'm happy they brought up heavy stuff.
Kdrama needs more dramas like this one.