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Gang Yeon Du is the leader of the Real King dance club at a prestigious high school, and also a proud member of the bottom five percent in student ranking. The favourite freetime activity of the cheerful girl and her friends is turning on music and dancing their stress and sorrows away. Much to the dismay of the neighbouring study club, the White Tigers, which consists of the top student of the school, Kim Yeol, his best friend Seo Ha Jun, and a few other good students who are heavily favoured by the school principal and backed up by their influential parents.

Opinions clash and sparks fly heavily when the two clubs are forced to merge into the cheerleading club, the original White Tigers, so that the good students can raise points for college. But spending time together soon brings to light what is really happening in the lives of the teenagers: parents who are abusive and build up too much pressure, greedy politicians and a principal that only cares about marks and the image of the school, and last but not least the new and foreign emotions that come hand in hand with growing up.

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vanityfull 22 Jan, 2016
And N was really good as well, managed to portray a character with 4D personality very well.
vanityfull 26 Feb, 2016
The gummy bear scene - THEM FEELS. Waiting for another drama with the puppy (Ji Soo) as main lead.
yuki89 03 Mar, 2016
I liked this drama a lot, it was very pleasant, at times frustrating, but overall I really enjoyed it and the acting was really good too.
Love the mains
I felt bad for Ha Jun for so many reasons but I loved Yeon Du with Yeol from the very first scene.

Lee Won Geun, those eyesmiles *-*
4/5 and I totally recommend it.
kirtil 20 Mar, 2016
I usually like school dramas. You know what to expect, you get the feel good feeling as series progresses and the happy ending will usually be plausible.

Not so much this time.
I like characters bonding and forming ties, getting closer but it felt too unreal.

This was like a study of extremes. villains were ridiculously, unreasonably, extremely evil and scheming, good guys were so extremely sweet, neutral guys were one dimensional and... you get the idea.
cocci 15 May, 2018
This drama made me feel like a bad guy because I would not be able to forgive so easily.

I get that she didn't mean to kill anyone with that shove but she really meant for teacher Yang to ruin his career and possibly his life. She did many mean things but it’s that one I can’t forgive. Plus, she even never apologized directly to him.