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Ha Jin is a young woman with a fair amount of worries on her mind. One day, her life complicates even more in an instant as she finds herself transported to a different era, to the body of a Goryeo girl named Hae Su. As Hae Su, she meets several royal princes with different personalities. Amongst them, there are two who become especially important to her: the gentle eighth prince, Wang Uk, and the infamous restless fourth prince, Wang So.

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ukezinho 15 Nov, 2016
estou chorando
frannam 15 Nov, 2016
Ainda sofrendo de uma séria abstinência dessa história lindamente triste!!! ♥
jd13 15 Nov, 2016
nimwoo 16 Nov, 2016
I cried so much thorough the last 2 eps, and I'm usually not a cry baby. I was struggling to give it 3 or 4 stars for the eps between 10~15 but it made me cry soooo much so it definitely deserves 4 stars.
mysticmanny 18 Nov, 2016
it's so sad i can't accept the ending *sobs*
dodi1d 27 Nov, 2016
It was enjoyable up until epi 10 or so, and now it's become unwatchable tbh. Zero character development, stale storyline. [2]
jessicarose 04 Dec, 2016
Not even close to the chinese drama, which had better characters, acting and storyline. The acting disappointed me so very much. But I like the 4th and 10th princes better in this version. Lee Joong Ki's acting was really outstanding and I'll be sure to watch more dramas with him. Baekhyun's last scenes were really enjoyable and I'm proud of him. The 3rd prince was a bonus and I'm disappointed his character wasn't as great as I thought he could be... I felt the writers made him look too cheap while the actor worked well (mainly after he went crazy!) Characters I really liked in the other drama were really bad in this one like the emperor (the king in this case), the 8th prince (Oh My God how much have I hated him in SHR), the 13th and 14th princes, the 8th prince's wives made into one and others... IMO they made a poor job on a lot of aspects of this remake and as a Bu Bu Jing Xin die hard fan I was very disappointed. I had to force myself to watch til the end but only because I wanted to see for myself what others had seen in this drama but unfortunately I couldn't. It doesn't mean I had no fun with this because I really did. I really can't forget Lee Joong Ki, Baekhyun and Hong Jong Hyeon and I'm sure they are the reason why I've got to finish SHR.
eyeslikefirefly 15 Dec, 2016
I did not even know this was a remake when I started watching it, but found out a few episodes in. I think that may be why it was lacking in some areas, but overall I liked this drama to an extent. I mostly watched it for the whole "transported to another era" part, because I have a particular interest in time-travel stories, so I was a bit disappointed when all of that faded into the background. Lee Jun Gi was dreamy, as usual, even though he wasn't the main reason I watched this. I am disappointed by the ending though. I'd been watching on Drama Fever and thought there was one episode left (turned out to be cast greeting video).
I had imagined...
that she would come back from the past, still in the water, and Wang So reborn would rescue her. Honestly would have been a better ending. They should have at least made him appear reborn in the end, since the reappearance of the Astronomer implied that...A bit lame if you ask me!