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Hong Ra On has to conceal the fact that she's a girl. To make a living, she uses a fake identity and offers service to those who need a helping hand in their romance. Due to a misunderstanding, one instance leads to her disastrous meeting with a young man, who turns out to be Lee Yeong, the crown prince.

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babo 17 Nov, 2016
I have been meaning to write a comment ever since I finished this drama. I was really excited to watch this one and was anticipating a drama that would bring something different and new to the table.
It got of to a really good start, it was interesting to follow Ra Ons daily struggles and her interactions with the prince.
Since this drama, Park Bo Geum has really grown in my eyes, his acting was great and believable, sadly, I cannot say the same about Kim Yu Jeong. Maybe it's due to her young age but, especially in the latter part of the drama, I found her acting a bit stiff.
The ending left us with some loose ends, for example;
what happened to Cha Tae Hyeon and that lady that was seen in the first episode? The way it was portryed made me think it was something major plotwise, am I the only one confused about that?
jessicarose 14 Dec, 2016
I wasnt even going to watch this but couldn't resist after seeing Park Bo Gum dancing to bombastique LOL While I don't regret watching this because the beggining was really good I think I've should have stopped when things got bad and I think I knew it wouldn't get back to the fun times but this time I was really stubborn and managed to watch through the end. It was a mistake though. Every time it got closer to the end it turned out worse. The main problem was the sudden shift from comedy to melodrama. It hurt like a betrayal. But let me say, the acting was outstanding! Both the leads were amazing!! I love them!!
iosimo 29 Dec, 2016
im stuck on ep 13 and it's getting hard for me to go ahead D:
meakoo 30 Dec, 2016
it was so good until ep12 then it gets meh then the last three episodes were so good.
jeaudrey 07 Jan, 2017
Such a shame that this was a drama with so much potential, and they ruined!
First, I really like Ra On at the beggining, but them she start to cry about everything, and every episode she has to be saved by some guy. I mean, why they have to do character like that? Is so difficult to woman have voice, and do things for her on?
The romance is really cute, I love Lee Yeong, he is the only reason that i am still watching this.
hyenia 16 Jan, 2017
It was soooo boring. I just wanted to end it quickly! To much ep for drama like this.
thefreak 27 Jan, 2017
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is completely dependable on its characters and their portrayal. The show is backed up by its main couple and their relationship. Plot and setting only serve the characters, which naturally isn't a bad thing, but can be a bit too plain of a premise for other viewers.
I was totally contend with what I saw in this show. Park Bo Gum nailed his peformance and was the core of the whole universe around him. His portrayal was earnest (and sooo adorable :3).
pennyc 20 Feb, 2017
In general, I liked the drama especially the political plots but the romantic scenes were boring that I regularly skipped most of it. Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion but I do not think Bo Geum and Yu Jeong has onscreen chemistry. Also, I liked the second male lead, Yunseong for her.