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Hong Ra On has to conceal the fact that she's a girl. To make a living, she uses a fake identity and offers service to those who need a helping hand in their romance. Due to a misunderstanding, one instance leads to her disastrous meeting with a young man, who turns out to be Lee Yeong, the crown prince.

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sillysym 10 May, 2017
I liked it. But it was too long.. And some parts were too boring. I took me a bit to finish it.
I really liked Jinyoung and Gwak Dong Yeon's acting.
ally 31 Oct, 2017
Sooooooo boring. The drama basically consisted in:
*character reveals some important information*
*cue dramatic suspenseful music*
*shocked faces from everyone for a good minute*

And both leads looked liked brother/sister or some good friends, nothing romantic about them.
kasumii 14 Nov, 2017
i liked them better together when she was pretending to be a eunuch...
renii 25 Feb, 2018
This is no masterpiece but it is still quite enjoyable! I thought the writing was quite consistent throughout so I don't I don't get why so many people seem to be so unhappy with it...
ellenasabina 14 Apr, 2018
There are 8 episodes left for me to watch and since the first episodes my soul and heart feel so empty just by knowing that this drama has an ending....... ★★★★★
stellybish 13 May, 2018
Overall, I enjoyed the drama.
Bogum surprised me with his acting, it's my first time watching him in a main role, he just knows how to... flirt with the camera, in the right way xD
Yoojung however was kind of annoying and whiny, which is not typical for her. She has been one of my favorite child actresses for years!
I liked the comedy elements, especially in the beginning, but then they dragged on with some things and it was too much, there were too many coincidences and unneeded drama.
Some people from the supporting cast did a remarkable job.
It's definitely a drama to remember with many heartwarming moments, it brings good amount of laughter and even tears.
Still... a very shaky 4/5 from me.