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missiealice 15 Mar, 2016
Yi Fan num filme de fantasia? QUERO.
(se bem q nem sei oq esperar disso, mas quero kkkkk)
kioyn 01 Dec, 2016
Only one good thing in this movie is the OST by Yuki Kajira. And still, all songs were copy paste from here previous works, for example, Kara no Kyoukai.
d0npian0 05 Mar, 2017
I actually kind of liked it because the storyline is pretty cool once it starts to make some sense (which is only in the very end). I also didn't mind the CGI too much. The biggest issue this movie really has is the storytelling. There are too many characters that aren't introduced properly, so that in between I was majorly confused because I had no clue who fought against whom for what reason. I keep thinking that this would have been okay as a first episode of a TV series but as a movie it was mostly confusing and ended just when it started to get interesting. But as I said, I do like the story itself and I'm thinking of hunting down the book.
danisensei 11 Mar, 2017
Pretty cool! Like said below, I wish the storytelling were a bit better told, as in the relation btw the characters, bc I also got a bit confused about it. I hope there will be a sequel to this.
missiealice 12 Mar, 2018
Cara, o Yi Fan é lindíssimo até como animação. Eu boei total na história e só consegui apreciar a beleza dele. Na verdade eu nem assisti porque tava tarde e eu tinha que dormir (tava passando na tv a cabo), mas vi um pouco porque né, vai que eu tivesse bons sonhos com a visão divina desse homem, enfim.. kkkkkkkk
kai2kid 11 Jul, 2018
what about the continuation ?!! what happens next , no 2nd season :(
milisia 30 Dec, 2018