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sweetsuga 21 Jan, 2017
Jung Kyung Ho é realmente a cereja em cima do bolo. O alívio cômico desse drama.
bayanoh 22 Jan, 2017
I don't know if I was expecting too much of this drama or it's just painfully bad. With this setting and that cast, there is so much potential going to waste. I'll give it 2 more episodes then I'm out.
yurisa1245 26 Jan, 2017
this is such a weird mix of romantic comedy and dark mystery
sullilea 29 Jan, 2017
Seo Jun O is really funny.. And Ra Bong Hee reminds me of Go Bok Sil from Shopping Wang.. Both of them are also so cute :D btw this drama makes my stomach hurt.. Comedy and drama in same time
ilate 29 Jan, 2017
Choe Tae Jun is nailing his role!
ilate 02 Feb, 2017
It's getting better and better with every episode. The tension is really reaching high right now (Episode 6). But I'm hoping for a massive plot twist. I already have so many ideas for one, and I really hope the writer thought of them too!
sweetsuga 03 Feb, 2017
@yurisa1245 romantic comedy WHERE??? there's no romance (or whatever), LOL
sullilea 04 Feb, 2017
and none of them died because of they are on a deserted island.. Choi Tae Ho is scary