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aquariia 04 Feb, 2017
Someone compared this to LOST so I thought there'll be some mystery inncluded. I was wrong there's no mystery there's just group of stupid people.
tephxx 04 Feb, 2017
Ep 5.
- we have 2 totally healthy guys and one skinny girl trying to runaway in a boat... and none of the two guys helped her carry the 2 bottles of water she (wisely) got for them... shame on you, guys, shame on you. XD
- Tae Ho decides he doesn't want them to go rescue the girls because the boat is more important... and then he makes a hole on it.... ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ)
sullilea 04 Feb, 2017
lol what do you wait from Tae ho? he's such a evil :D and If he can not take the boat then no one can use it :D
aquariia 04 Feb, 2017
@tephxx @sullilea
Let's cross the ocean on the small boat.
The best people for this plan are the skinny girl and the ajusshi.
All we need for this trip is two bottles of water. I mean the girl needs it, I don't need anything.
We should set out in the bad wether.
We should hide the boat because this idea is so brilliant that everyone gonna kill each other for the spot on the boat.
It's better to be on the boat because the rescue team won't be able to find the island yet we'll be able to find a rescue.
The boat is so precious so I'll make a hole in it.

All this boat thing was so ridiculous that it makes me wonder wether it was part of black comedy

yurisa1245 06 Feb, 2017
@sweetsuga the way they set up the leads in the first two episodes screamed romantic comedy, my comment was only about the first two episodes
jeaudrey 09 Feb, 2017
you guys really doesn't know how to hide your thoughts LOL
calm 09 Feb, 2017
@aquariia I totally agree with every point you have made! :D this drama is enjoyable, but full of logic holes.
yokochan 09 Feb, 2017
i really really love this Drama since the beginning and ep. 5,6,7 are soooo masterpiece <3 *___*
just Need the next episodes ! iam sooo in love x) it´s sooo exciting everytime =P