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A girl named Ji Eun Tak brings together a goblin who is in search of his bride and a grimreaper who cannot remember his past. The more they try to stay away from each other, the closer they draw.

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silentscream93 22 Jan, 2017
This was one of the best dramas I've ever seen! I liked everything about it: the characters, the story, the acting, the ost, everything! ❤ The bromance between Goblin and Grim Reaper was also amazing!
ryuun 22 Jan, 2017
Somewhere I read something like if the Goblin become a human, there's a possibility that he doesn't meet with Eun Tak. And I agree, one of them could reincarnate too late? Maybe the Almighty could make them meet... I don't know, but I think the Goblin will be able to die with Eun Tak in her fourth life since he already got his punishment so when Eun Tak dies he can ask the almighty to die. It's a bit sad that he has to wait everytime Eun Tak dies but I think it's better that way.

And for the GR and Sunny I have my doubts but I felt like they do remember, I am the only one? The scene was a bit confusing though.
stellybish 22 Jan, 2017
Maybe that's true... but he could have still met her as a human some day if not right away.
Now he would have 3 more of her lives to enjoy, but who knows what will happen after that.
Will the Gods just let him die in peace when he wants, since they already gave him the chance once and he gve up on it?

I don't think they rememered. The last scenes with them showed how they met and the "progress" of their relationship with a skip of time. So, it was a bit weird that Eun Tak had her memories and they didn't.
limenora 22 Jan, 2017
Masterpiece without a doubt!
Although there is one thing I feel weird about...

...and it's the amount of time passed by. Between Eun Tak's death and the time they reunite again about 60 years passed by! That's a lot! If you think about it, when Sunny dies it was 30 years after Eun Tak's death. If we assume that everyone reincarnated immediately at that point (Eun Tak, Sunny and Wang Yeo) another 20-25 years had to pass again to see them as an adults. Which means in total it's about 60 years.
When Eun Tak died it was 2027 already (she was born in 1998 and she was 29 years old) so basically when they meet again it's around 2090. Has anyone had the feeling it's not realistic because of the presentation of the places and clothes?

Anyways, I really really REALLY liked this drama, it had everyting I need.
Cinematography at it's best. Great OST, amazing characters played by outstanding actors and actresses. :)
And let's take a moment and praise the lord for those
kiss scenes
ryuun 22 Jan, 2017
Yeah, but what I understood is that they want to spend all the time they can together, so if they're both human they could meet soon or later in their lives (later as in 70 years old for example) and if the second options is the one they face they would be "wasting" one life. I don't know if I make sense. And like you said, who knows what will happen? I'm very satisfied with the end, the Goblin will be waiting for her in every life, it's not like he's not used to and it seems he doesn't want to start as a human, he would have asked to reincarnate maybe? And I don't know, probably? would't it be too cruel to not let him die when he wants? he already lived more than 900 years :(

Well... I thought so but I don't know, writer's mistake?
stehcamine 23 Jan, 2017
Achei muito bom, porém depois do ep 11/12, ficou se arrastando e nada demais aconteceu. Aliás, o drama foi praticamente isso: nada acontecia, sempre o mimimi de tira a espada, não tira. Fora que a EunTak era um pé no saco. Vivi pelo bromance e pelo Grim Reaper e Sunny. Enfim, não me deu depressão pós drama, tampouco fiquei louca para ver o final.
Creio que o ápice da autora foi A Gentleman's Dignity. É isso aí, assistam e tirem suas próprias conclusões.
Coisa maravilhosa foi o Lee DongWuk FINALMENTE ser reconhecido. Demorou, ein povo.
kirtil 23 Jan, 2017
I am rating this 4 stars but this is just a representation of my fun/enjoyment factor; not the production quality.

Considering time constraints (16 episodes) I thought pacing could have been better. There were some unnecessary arcs and towards the end it became rushed.
The story is about a goblin and being a mythical character that has a long life span, time skips were present which is nearly never a good thing.
Add the inconsistencies and the plot holes and you have a shaky story patched with time skips.

But ignore the inconsistencies, and maybe leave analytical part of your brain out when watching this and you wil definitely have fun. The bromance is good and the funny scenes a plenty.
stellybish 23 Jan, 2017
I couldn't blame them for how they presented the later years, because nobody knows what will happen in the future. It was still okay, because of the chose locations I guess.

But my problem was the long time that passed... having in mind how many years the Goblin spent alone and will again after Eun Tak dies... That's way too much even for a 'sad love' type of story.

I was satisfied with the ending as well, but the writer could have come up with something better. I just didn't like the way the Goblin came back to life, at all... But anyway, we can go on for hours what could have happened and didn't xD

I guess, it wasn't the writer's only mistake, so... xD