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A girl named Ji Eun Tak brings together a goblin who is in search of his bride and a grimreaper who cannot remember his past. The more they try to stay away from each other, the closer they draw.

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dodii 29 Apr, 2017
Heard about it... at episode 6 and kinda getting boring. Plus I hate the kind of women Ji Eun Tak is portraying =_=... hate being a big word but kinda tired of her already... it did turn me off, so I am taking a break for now........ Yet the brotherhood relation between the goblin and the reaper is <3. But yeah taking a break :/...
olszyna 10 May, 2017
I've seen 4 episodes so far but I'm not really impressed with this drama. Descendants of the Sun was a torture for me. It was one of the most boring dramas I've seen. I think Kim Eun Suk's dramas are not for me. I remember that in the past I liked Secret Garden a lot. But her last 3 dramas are not my cup of tea.
I like special effects in Goblin, I admit that scenes are beautifully taken, but the drama itself is not really interesting for me. Ji Eun Tak is getting on my nerves more and more. Really childish and annoying character.
I won't give it up as I don't like doing so, but so far I'm not really enjoying it much.
Is it getting more interesting later or should I be hooked from the beginning? (question to people who loved it).
sukimatsuura 18 May, 2017
It wasn't a WOW drama as i thought!
Seriously too silly~!
mikazuki 09 Jun, 2017
i just got back into watching kdrama after a three-year-long break and goblin is the second kdrama i've begun watching since this "hiatus", and i'm atm 4 eps in and i'm really loving it. i didn't expect to enjoy it as much as i had just set the bar quite high by watching age of youth, but it really is a great show! sure, it has its fair share of silly kdrama antics but gosh, it's just a stunningly beautiful show! also, i'm really loving the humor; i don't think any kdrama has given me as many good laughs as goblin has, and i've seen 1/4 of the show. the characters and their interactions are great, the OST is beautiful and the show just looks so good i have to mention it twice.
ally 20 Jun, 2017
It began reaaally well, but fell flat by episode 8~9. And the ending... I didn't quite disliked it but I didn't liked it either.
pyapi 21 Sep, 2017
Absolutely loved the afterlife and other fantastical elements in this world, they were absolutely great. I just wish the drama's story could have been better; it starts out so well and then drags on a lot in the middle. I also wasn't too thrilled with the ending.

It's still definitely worth a watch, though. I personally still enjoyed quite a bit thanks to the great acting, the wonderful soundtrack, and the amusing banter between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper. Those two really steal the spotlight.
renii 19 Nov, 2017
I loved the amount of crying that this had! lol
molotov 16 Jan, 2018
Does someone know if this story was inspired by a book or something?