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A girl named Ji Eun Tak brings together a goblin who is in search of his bride and a grimreaper who cannot remember his past. The more they try to stay away from each other, the closer they draw.

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nimwoo 16 Jan, 2017
Ep 13 left me
in f*cking tears. I don't usually cry but this was so good. Kim Go Eun's crying was so brilliant. She proved how great of an actress she is. I believe they'll make the Goblin somehow come back to life, because otherwise what will the other 3 episodes be about? I'm hopeful.

My question is, how do you give a higher rating to this drama? It's beyond a masterpiece.
hikarua 21 Jan, 2017
I wonder why in ep 14
they changed the scene where Kim Shin turns into ashes.. not the scene itself but the way the ashes fly away.. I immediately noticed something was off while watching ep 14 (I have been rewatching ending of ep 13 countless of times :'D) so I had to stop watching and check it. I think the ashes in ep 13 scene (on the right in the picture) were better than in ep 14. It was more beautiful and serene way they flew away.

Did anyone else notice that? Did it bother you?
sweetchan91 21 Jan, 2017
I just finish ep 13. Do I really have to watch other 3 eps??
This drama is so boring...
bayanoh 21 Jan, 2017
I liked the comedy scenes of the drama and the male leads and their chemistry with each other, and nothing more.. but even though the drama was very lacking, I still enjoyed it 'till the very end. I believe it was even the best drama during its broadcasting period which basically means that the Korean dramas are going downhill these days.
ilate 22 Jan, 2017
I've seen a lot of dramas, but there were only few that would leave me speechless. 'Goblin' has officially joined the club of the best K-dramas ever.
Everything, absolutely everything about this drama made perfect sense. Every single character, every single story development, every single set were so well thought of, there is nothing to complain about.
It is true that the first few episodes were pretty slow, and they might discourage you from watching, but don't stop. Later the tensions builds up to reach its climax and the drama throws bomb after bomb with every episode. The story speeds up so much you don't want to miss any detail and it's easy to get very addicted to the story.
OUTSTANDING acting from all of the actors. The chemistry between them was no joke. And I'm not talking only about the romantic relationships, but all the relations.
Really really a MASTERPIECE. OST was also very very good.

Loved every single second of it, and I'm going to miss it a lot <3
aquariia 22 Jan, 2017
I could complain a little bit about the story but I just stop because everything else was perfect and I had such a great time watching this drama.
juliavanila 22 Jan, 2017
And again I can't believe it's the end. I will miss this drama so, so much. I'm glad I decided to watch it just because trailers and teasers seemed promising and they made such huge impression on me. I can also say that because of that I had high expectations and I wasn't disappointed at all. Every single episode was exciting and interesting. I think I haven't been that much into drama since Cheese In the Trap last year. For me everything was perfect, the plot, the way how story developed, outstanding OST and amazing, beutiful cinematography. I can't skip the characters and actors who did such a great job. There were so many moments that kept me in suspense and I couldn't wait to see what will happen next. Amazing drama. (I tottaly fell for Kim Go Eun in this one, can't wait to see her more often)
stellybish 22 Jan, 2017
Superb acting and great choice of actors!
I don't know why Kim Eun Suk was so against casting Dong Wook in the drama, because that man was the best thing in it! I'm glad he didn't give up and became a part of the show in the end.
The OST & filming locations were also really nice, the COMEDY & BROMANCE were just WOW!

But I had one HUGE problem with this drama... Kim Shin and Eun Tak's relationship. I'm not talking about the age gap, I had no problems with that. But I just couldn't feel it... their love? Gong Yoo was an adorable puppy in love, but that still couldn't save the day.
Maybe Eun Tak was too childish in the first episodes, I don't know... I was just not so excited about the couple.
Now... Sunny & the Grim Reaper are another story! I loved them! Even though they weren't the main couple, they stole the spotlight for me! They were just so precious together <3

I'm disappointed they didn't show what happened with Deok Hwa... he kept talking about some birth secret and how he believes he could be of help, I really thought there was something special about him...

& I hated how some scenes were cut in the middle.... you have to wonder what happened next and they didn't show it.

The way the Goblin came back to life... he doesn't have to suffer anymore, but he still chose to return and have immortal life? What will happen when Eun Tak lives her last and fouth life? Even though the sword is not in his chest anymore, he would still have to suffer forever and lose his lost ones.
& that makes the whole drama with the sword kind of... useless?

I was surprised when Eun Tak died, but more accidents would have occured during her life due to being a Missing Soul, so I think her death was the right choice.

I am actually very satisfied with the ending!
4/5 for the great job of the actors, it was a story with much potential.
It didn't exactly live up to my expectations, but it was still a very good drama, just not a masterpiece.

Just one question...
Eun Tak didn't drink the tea of oblivion and in her new life she had her memories, but Sunny and the Grim Reaper walked out of the door without drinking the tea either, so why couldn't they remember their past lives?