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Louis grows up in an incredibly rich household and is known worldwide for his ability to get the best prices when he goes shopping. However, despite being so fortunate, he has to live under constant monitoring, barely having any friends and having to deal with people who want to use him. One day, he decides to escape but loses his memory in the process. He meets Go Bok Sil, a girl from the countryside, who teaches him about a different way of life.

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juliavanila 27 Nov, 2016
It was cute and simple, but again nothing special. Even everything was predictable I had a good time watching it. I loved the chemistry between main leads. And of course Seo In Guk did a great job!
ilate 28 Nov, 2016
So this drama has everything I don't like in Korean dramas, yet, I loved it! I hate when a drama is overly cute, but this one was not annoying. Instead, the cuteness was very enjoyable. I hate when a drama has this grumpy ahjussi, yet I loved Cha Jung Won who never failed to amuse me.

And Seo In Guk was just amazing. As always :)
meakoo 03 Dec, 2016
I enjoyed every minute!! LOVE ITTTT!!!
limenora 06 Jan, 2017
Such a cute drama! Lightweighted, super easy to watch! I anticipated every episode.
Very cliche story, but I can say on of the best cliche stories I've seen.
The characters are loveable, and the main leads have chemistry.
I often dislike the female leads in dramas, because they make it obvious when they act cute, and it bothers me, but Nam Ji Hyeon as Ko Bok Sil was great!
Seo In Guk nailed it as always. :D
If you want to watch a lightweighted drama, I reccomend this one!
Funny, and cute!
tamayatz 13 Jan, 2017
From start to finish this Drama was funny and solid, the different characters bring their parts to the story and make it fun. However I don't see this as the best drama ever but unlike many dramas where you might lose interest in half way, this one just keeps the interest going. Cha Jung Won was definitely best character in this! Without him this Drama would not been as funny.
jeaudrey 14 Jan, 2017
I love this drama. Is so funny and warmy... Buuuuuut, i like dramas that make me want to watch all day, which has an interesting story, but this one is just cute and funny, the last 3 episodes I had to skip some parts. But you must watch this drama, the beginning is very worthwhile, the romance is very cute and real, and the ost is wonderful too.
And about the end, sooooooo cute omg
daminha 07 Feb, 2017
I like the story but the Loui character is extremely annoying. I bit waste of time 'cuz of that.
dollstar 20 Feb, 2017
As someone who barely watches rom-coms anymore because I've grown tired of the staleness and derivativeness of the writing, as well as the obligatory melo soul-shattering segment in the last third of the show, this drama was a breath of fresh air while still maintaining the genre trappings, but using them mostly in creative, subversive ways. A super endearing show with all around likable characters, good performances, little to no scheming evil second leads or mothers-in-law and villains so inept and paranoid that they were ultimately hilarious.

The drama tweaks the standard Chaebol-Candy romance into a story about a sweet, childlike, emotionally transparent and useless-at-navigating-life amnesiac and the smart, independent, capable and caring girl who takes him under her wing. The fact that he's actually rich and she is poor is mostly irrelevant and doesn't become a source of conflict. All the secondary and supporting characters are a joy to watch and contribute a lot to the laugh-out-loud nature of the show. The character development of Louis is well done and believable.

The writing is super detailed with every single thing in the plot being meaningful in some way, no loose threads, everything from the small to the big plot points and revelations being carefully planned ahead. On the other hand, the story is obviously set in cotton-candy-land and the worldbuilding skews highly towards the whimsical, with a lot of coincidences driving the plot further. This is not a show to watch for the realism, but for the sheer adorableness of the story, characters and relationships.

My only big gripe with the show comes towards the last third of the drama when the writer introduces one of my most hated-to-death drama tropes,
noble idiocy, I hate you so
but this time she plays it straight instead of subverting it. Cue angst, albeit relatively short-lived and sweetened considerably by the hilarious supporting characters. The last few episodes also feel a bit like filler, but they still make for a pleasant enough watch thanks to our endearing characters and their antics.