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Do Bong Sun comes from a family of strong women. Their supernatural strength comes with the rule that if abused, it turns into a curse and they are the ones harmed instead. While some of her foremothers suffered from illnesses, her own mother lost her power after using it to gain money. Bong Sun must survive as this powerful young girl, avoiding fights and pretending to be weak. But when An Min Hyeok discovers her power, he recruits her to become his bodyguard. And together with her childhood crush, In Guk Du, she tries to be helpful in catching a serial kidnapper.

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ilate 27 Feb, 2017
Off to a great start! It's been only two episodes so far, and the chemistry is already killing! Started it with low expectations, but they are so high right now, I can't wait for next episodes!
sweetsuga 01 Mar, 2017
she's so cute
kirtil 05 Mar, 2017
first 4 episodes were lackluster for me.
It seems they went above and beyond to make these first 4 episodes filled with cute scenes, and instead during most of them I felt childish and cringy.

So far it plays like a standard "game of extremes" cliche drama. Everyone (who kinda matters) can be defined with an aspect of extreme; extremely good, extremely mad, extremely innocent..

And to make things worse; I don't see any good opportunities for some premium bromance scenes.
In Guk Du seems filled with angst, not sure if it's writing or the bad acting but so far he doesn't give me good vibes. And Do Bong Gi feels he is too close to main heroine being his brother to be a good candidate.
sweetsuga 07 Mar, 2017
episódio 4
Colega do twitter estava comentando que fizeram o personagem do Hyung Sik "gay" apenas para servir de piada. Mas eu ainda não tinha visto o episódio 4 quando li isso....Agora que vi, estou .____.
Sacanagem, eu realmente achava que ele era gay.
warmlia 07 Mar, 2017
acho que vai demorar muito pra um protagonista de kdrama ser gay... nesse caso ele usa esses boatos pra ~tirar onda. mas ele passa uma vibe bi e tal.
sweetsuga 09 Mar, 2017
eu sei disso. mas quando ele falou sobre a bunda do policial, quase me convenceu.
o mais provável que é seja aquela história: "já que nunca me atrai por mulheres, devo ser gay"... e mais piadas. y__y.
dangochan 09 Mar, 2017
i don't know what to think about this, 3rd episode wasn't that great..
cara 12 Mar, 2017
So far - the best drama this season. Nothing makes me giggle as this; >w