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Do Bong Sun comes from a family of strong women. Their supernatural strength comes with the rule that if abused, it turns into a curse and they are the ones harmed instead. While some of her foremothers suffered from illnesses, her own mother lost her power after using it to gain money. Bong Sun must survive as this powerful young girl, avoiding fights and pretending to be weak. But when An Min Hyeok discovers her power, he recruits her to become his bodyguard. And together with her childhood crush, In Guk Du, she tries to be helpful in catching a serial kidnapper.

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warmlia 17 Apr, 2017
@kirtil my god, your review was ON POINT! agree 100%!

I absolutely despised those scenes of the hospitalized gangsters.
actually, what was their place in the main plot? none.

Antoher thing that really annoyed me was
in the las scene when Min Hyuk calls her asking for help. what the hell she says to not call her during work with two babies at home? she's their mother! I know parents have to split the work 50/50, but babies need their mother. I was very upset with that attitude.
ilate 18 Apr, 2017
It was fun but definitely not worth all the hype it was getting. By the end of the drama I struggled so much to watch it, I found myself skipping a lot of scenes.
Also, I still can't understand the phenomenon of Park Bo Yeong. I get it, she is pretty, but really, are we going to rate her acting skills based on her looks? She is very mediocre when it comes to acting.
So yeah, definitely not a drama I'd watch again, and I'll probably forget all about it very soon.
sweetsuga 18 Apr, 2017
Vou deixar meus dez centavos aqui também (apesar de que tudo o que eu tinha pra falar, ou já disse no Twitter ou deixei comentário por aqui...). Anyway... Não consegui nem dar três estrelas. Iria qualificar como "bom" apenas pelo casal principal. Mas, quer saber? Só isso não salva esse drama. Teve várias falhas. Muitas coisas erradas postas com intuito cômico (sem serem engraçadas) e um caso policial que parecia saltar como se não pertencesse à história. Todo o background foi falho. Tão falho que me fez ter vergonha de notar que isso foi escrito por uma mulher (provavelmente não feminista, porque pqp, mano).

P.S.: A pessoa que comentou abaixo possivelmente não viu os trabalhos anteriores da Park Bo Yeong.
frannam 19 Apr, 2017
Só terminei de ver pelo casal que era bonito e eu gostei de sua personalidade, mas praticamente todo o resto me incomodou. O núcleo da polícia era muito burro para ser verdade e o personagem Gook Doo era tão irritante, odiei a forma que ele tratava a Bong Soon. Eu também não gostei da questão do sequestro, adoro dramas de crime, mas o estilo da história era uma comédia tão escrachada que as cenas pesadas não combinaram, senti que estava assistindo a dois dramas diferentes. rs Mas o pior de tudo é que eu não podia ver a graça em tantas cenas repetidas de pessoas sem dentes e machucadas, menos ainda na irritante mãe da Bong Soon e como ela tratava o marido. Apesar da explicação no final, eu não estava convencida, acho muito errado utilizar isso como um elemento de comédia, violência doméstica NÃO é engraçado.
eyeslikefirefly 20 Apr, 2017
I agree with @kirtil and @ilate. This drama was cute and made me laugh at times- but it was so full of ridiculous scenes that should have been cut out. Especially the gangster's scenes- I had to start skipping over them in the end. Just creepy and gross.

I did like the super power element, given to a female character and I liked that she wanted to become a game developer. Overall, a pretty average drama.

The ending was so cheesy. Like stuffed jalapeno cheesy.
leylachan 20 Apr, 2017
Yeah well like most dramas it starts pretty well and gets boring towards the middle. 2,5/5
Anyway, really enjoyed Kim Won Hae's performance. He always plays the funniest supporting characters. ^^
kirtil 20 Apr, 2017
@leylachan I agree he is good, and last I was impressed with him was in Chief Kim, but here; mm I don't think so.
This role(s) were so beneath him, it was unbelievable.
The roles were created so superficially, with only cheap feedback (laughter - tho I couldn't find anything funny in both roles as they were written) in mind that it was sad and alienating instead of being funny or relatable.
leylachan 21 Apr, 2017
@kirtil Well I have to agree that he's had much better roles in other shows.
The gangster part was particularly weak. But I found the office part really funny, and although the character was shallow and superficial I think he portrayed it really well.
Yes he was great in Chief Kim, and in Signal as well.