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Do Bong Sun comes from a family of strong women. Their supernatural strength comes with the rule that if abused, it turns into a curse and they are the ones harmed instead. While some of her foremothers suffered from illnesses, her own mother lost her power after using it to gain money. Bong Sun must survive as this powerful young girl, avoiding fights and pretending to be weak. But when An Min Hyeok discovers her power, he recruits her to become his bodyguard. And together with her childhood crush, In Guk Du, she tries to be helpful in catching a serial kidnapper.

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zor6a 01 Aug, 2017
♡♡♡ I love this drama so so so much! ♡♡♡
poice 13 Aug, 2017
What a mess....I didn't like mishmash of the generes - criminal, comedy, romance, fantasy....It was too much but I think the story of crazy kidnapper would make great criminal drama! Too bad it just didn't go well with comical feel of the drama. There were some cute and funny moments buy's ok drama and nothing more.
nekolacta 30 Sep, 2017
It was crazy and a true mess sometimes but I had so much fun! The couple is so cute, I love Bong Sun and Min Min. ♡ Maybe they're too childish, but it's my weakness.

Gok Du deserves a better ending, he is a great character.
ally 21 Oct, 2017
As a comedy, I give it 4 stars. It was funny and comical, although a bit cheesy, but I found myself laughing.
As a romance, I give 4 stars too, it was cute, both male characters were gentlemen and Min Hyeok never forced himself on Bong Soon.
As the "crime" part eHhHH that was a bit bad. Policemen and all the people trying to help in solving the crime were so stupid, they lacked common sense and danger awareness.

So yeah, as a comedy drama, don't expect a super complicated and well thought plot.
allase 30 Nov, 2017
It had potential but the jokes almost never landed, the chemistry was lacking, the performances were mediocre. I totally blame the director for all the above, he tried to do way too much and obviously failed :(

The end result was a cliche, predictible drama with some decent moments.

3.5 / 5

edit: also there was no reason for 50% of the side characters to exist... the grandma, the gangsters, the feminine guy, the monk, the brother, the "other" girl etc etc etc They should have developed half the storylines and deeper then it might have been a masterpiece
erenchi 11 Jan, 2018
nera gay nera
jujuvieira 12 Jan, 2018
Muito fofinho. Não achei que foi 5 estrelas, mas mesmo assim foi bom.
nimwoo 16 Jan, 2018
I forced myself to watch this multiple times but I just couldn't get past the first episodes. Maybe it's not bad but it just wasn't my thing.