Kitano Kii Takes On First Detective Role

akiraka 04 Sep, 2011

Actress Kitano Kii (20) will take on her first ever detective role in the TV special 'Unfair -the special- ~Double Meaning~' which will air on September 23. In a new installment of the popular 'Unfair' series which ran in 2006 and starred Shinohara Ryouko as the lead role Yukihara Natsumi, Kitano plays her determined successor, Mochizuki Akira, and is assigned to the Tokyo Metropolitan 1st Division Special Criminal Investigations Unit. The actress says she was happy to accept the challenge of the part, and has long admired actresses who are able to perform in action or battle productions as well as detective roles.

The original 'Unfair' drama series aired from January to March in 2006 with its final episode achieving an average viewer rating of 15.4%, and had its highest rating reach 16.5%. When a follow up special was released in October of the same year, it captured a rating of 18.3%. In 2007, a theatrical version was also released earning a box office revenue of 2 billion 720 million yen.

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