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Nam Hong Ju has lived since childhood with the strange burden of her prophetic dreams and believes nothing she does will change the outcomes, until the day her new neighbour, prosecutor Jeong Jae Chan, has a dream of his own and takes action that alters the course of her fate.

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missdrama 16 Nov, 2016
Park Hye Ryeon Drama with Lee Jeong Seok starring - DAEBAK
guren 29 Nov, 2016
the title reminds of the hollywood movie from 1995, starring Sandra Bullock. Does anyone know if there is a connection?
tephxx 01 Dec, 2016
@guren it doesn't. it is about a girl who can see future crimes and a prosecutor who tries to understand her visions so the things she predicts won't happen.
guren 21 Dec, 2016
@tephxx yeah thanks I've read something about that since I wrote this :D
cleciane 01 Feb, 2017
O que esperar de um drama com esses dois???? Ansiosa <3
yohxq 20 Jun, 2017
When will it air? T.T Tired of waiting already..
chiyako92 04 Jul, 2017
@yohxq Sometime in September. There's still a long wait to go.
yohxq 06 Jul, 2017
@chiyako92 Thanks for the information. Yes indeed..